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facing or on the side toward the apex

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3C), and these had a basal pair of pinnae with either an acroscopic segment, or segments along both the acroscopic and basiscopic sides (Fig.
Laminae that were once pinnate, with an acroscopic segment, pointed to a member of the Aspleniaceae (Asplenium sessilifolimn Desv.
5 cm, 8-16 pairs, linear, even-sided, basal pinnae spreading, the medial and distal pinnae ascending, the pinna bases adnate, the acroscopic margin of the pinna base often slightly folded toward the abaxial side and provided with a dark-colored sunken nectary, the pinna apices acute, the pinna margins entire for most of their length, notched distally, the adaxial lamina surfaces glabrous except for a few scattered scales along the adaxial costae, these scales similar to those of the abaxial axes, hydathodes present, sunken into the laminar tissue, white-encrusted; abaxial lamina surfaces densely scaly, the scales 1.
Rhizomes brown, not rugose, apparently lacking wax-like deposits, which are covered by the scales; rhizome scales ovate, clathrate, reddish, shiny, margins hyaline and lacerate, imbricate and covering the rhizome surfaces; laminae pinnate, chartaceous; medial pinnae adnate with an asymmetric base, acroscopic side excurrent, basiscopic side cuneate; rhachises and costae abaxially with short whitish hairs on both surfaces; costae with ovate to lanceolate, clathrate, dark brown to reddish brown scales; secondary veins raised on the abaxial surfaces, wider than the tertiary ones; margins of the segments cartilaginous; sori in 2(-3) rows between the costae and pinnae margins.
Adiantum tricholepis differs from the other two species by laminae ovate to deltate and 3-4 pinnate, the acroscopic basal pinnules not overlapping the main rachis, the rachis and costae glabrous, and the apex of the stalks not or lightly enlarged (Moran et al.
Abaxial lamina surfaces without glands; laminae 2-3(4)-pinnate; pirmae oblong to narrowly lanceolate; acroscopic pinnules 1.
These are restricted to the distal region of each pinna and occur only on the pinnules of the acroscopic side of the pinna.
On the acroscopic side of the same pinnule, the lateral veins are much more horizontally inclined due to compressed space, or taphonomic influence.
However, the latter can be easily recognized by the presence of prominent auricles in the acroscopic base of the pinnae that often overlap the rachis.