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a morbid fear of great heights

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Acrophobia, or the fear of heights, is just the start, Freeman says.
Threat preys on your senses (and phobias) at every opportunity - from auditory hallucinations to vertigo and acrophobia.
In Vertigo (1958), former police detective John ' Scottie' Ferguson is forced into early retirement after an incident causes him to develop Acrophobia (an extreme fear of heights).
DCS, an NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate)-receptor partial agonist approved as an antibacterial by the Food and Drug Administration, enhances exposure therapy for conditions that include social anxiety and acrophobia in previous studies.
thoughts--coherent, reduced the ideatic flux, recurrent and persistent suicidal ideas, persecutory delusional thoughts, obsessive ideas regarding constant preoccupation for symmetry, orderliness, permanent checking, but without focus on any objects, phobic ideas like misophobia, nosophobia, acrophobia, arahnophobia, aihmophobia, agoraphobia, ablutomania.
Aviophobia, fear of flying, may be related exclusively to air travel, or may be related to other fears such as claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces); agoraphobia (fear of going out in public, especially when one cannot escape); acrophobia (fear of heights); or a fear of vomiting, terrorist attack, impending death, drowning, or simply a loss of control.
He proceeds to argue that asymmetrical knowledge allows Elster to manipulate Scottie, using Scottie's acrophobia, drinking habits, and tendency to stalk to ensure the success of his murder plot; a similar asymmetry moves Scottie to flee from Midge, who knows Scottie's trouble with intimacy all too well due to their college relationship and broken engagement.
High stands may strain your acrophobia limits, but they do provide positive results.
79) According to Armstrong, private employers had better "prepare [them]selves for lawsuits based on the following types of mental conditions": compulsive gambling, (80) acrophobia (fear of heights) and other phobias; depressive neurosis (81); paranoid schizophrenia; manic depression; borderline personality disorder; "sexual disorders: transvestism and transexualism"; schizoid personality disorder; stress disorders; and a catchall "miscellaneous mental disorders.
I wrote a paper on improving English curriculum design on a midnight flight to Chicago, buzzed on Valium, scotch, and acrophobia.
The extended vox populi shares many an interesting insights including the implication that all families and children suffer from acrophobia and general bouts of vertigo and should not then consider living in Burj Khalifa.
A doctor diagnosed Miller with acrophobia and deemed him unfit to perform his duties, and an IDOT administrator told Miller to request nonoccupational disability status.
They are asking normal research subjects, who are not seeking treatment for claustrophobia or acrophobia (the fear of heights), to estimate various distances.