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a morbid fear of great heights

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It's strung across two cliffs, thousands of feet in the air, and it jiggles as you walk across it: definitely not for the acrophobes out there.
For example, research shows that acrophobes "may rely on vision more than other people to keep their balance," and Latta explains that this can make them feel as if their balance is more off than it actually is.
Not 20 feet up, even acrophobes turn believers: Sun warms the skin, insects buzz faintly, and it smells like Christmas.
Thus two persons who are afraid of heights (acrophobes) may be said to be homophobic, since both are afraid of the same thing.
A specialised team that included psychologists and IT experts put confirmed acrophobes through their paces in a series of life-like VR simulations, after which all reported "a reduction in fear", they announced.