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of leaves or flowers

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The scrutiny of the Figures 1,2,3 and 4 showing the transverse sections of lateral vascular bundles along the successive internodes in rachis (numbering 1 to 19) depicts that concurrently with the decline in vascular size, the number and cross-sectional surface area of xylem vessels and sieve tubes declined acropetally and the greatest reduction occurred in the middle segment of spike (between internode 5 to 14).
2009), the primary branches that are acropetally initiated show, in turn, acropetal initiation of the secondary branches; while in the inflorescences with basipetal initiation of the primary branches, the initiation of the secondary branches may be acropetal, basipetal or amphipetal.
Each panicle consists of individual flowers that mature acropetally from the base to the top of the inflorescence (Findley et al.
In spikelets with many flowers, the flowers develop acropetally (Figs.
In a few even more extreme examples, some condensed heads mature neither acropetally nor basipetally and thus seem to have no discernable pattern of maturation at all.