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of leaves or flowers

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Sheath weight increased acropetally across phytomers for Cave-In-Rock at Arlington, Bristol, and South Shore, with sheaths of apical and second phytomers heavier than those of the fifth and sixth phytomers.
Photosynthate may travel acropetally from parent to offspring, but not in reverse (similar to a previous model of translocation; Caraco and Kelly 1991).
Blooming begins at the base of the terminal raceme and proceeds acropetally. When one-third to one-half of the flowers on the terminal raceme have opened, the lower racemes start to bloom, more or less synchronously and also acropetally.
The scrutiny of the Figures 1,2,3 and 4 showing the transverse sections of lateral vascular bundles along the successive internodes in rachis (numbering 1 to 19) depicts that concurrently with the decline in vascular size, the number and cross-sectional surface area of xylem vessels and sieve tubes declined acropetally and the greatest reduction occurred in the middle segment of spike (between internode 5 to 14).
Spikelets along the ear were numbered acropetally, and [S.sub.n] identifies the position of a spikelet on a row relative to the base of the ear.
Flowering occurs only well after the switch to alternate leaf arrangement and is accomplished by a single flower borne per node acropetally, until the plant ceases to produce new leaves.
The first segment is followed acropetally to the second node, where one of the branches emanating from this second node is selected at random with probability proportional to size.
In this context, Sell (1980) suggested that the enrichment axes flower basipetally while the inflorescence branches develop acropetally. This sequence was observed in the reproductive meristem of Carex disticha Huds.
Freezing proceeded acropetally and basipetally in root tissues and ice crystals were propagated throughout connected roots within seconds.
This was in accordance with the fact that both the diameter and wall thickness decreased acropetally in bamboo culm (Jiang, 2002).