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of leaves or flowers

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11 February 2011 - ICRA today assigned an IPO Grade 3 to a proposed initial public offering (IPO) of Acropetal Technologies Ltd.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 11, 2011--ICRA gives IPO Grade 3 to proposed IPO of Acropetal Technologies(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The differentiation of the vascular tissues between the bud and root was acropetal in C.
Isso significa que a capacidade de mobilizacao de reservas amilaceas e mais intensa na parte apical do ramo e pode estar relacionada com o mecanismo acropetal (brotacao das gemas da porcao apical) de ramificacao dos ramos de nogueira.
Although initiation of glumes and lemmas is strictly acropetal as far as is known, differentiation of the floral meristems may proceed from bottom to top (acropetal) or from top to bottom (basipetal) (Malcomber & Kellogg, 2004; Reinheimer et al., 2006).
In canola, flowering takes place in acropetal succession, while branching takes place in basipetal succession (Mendham and Salisbury, 1995).
glauca, budburst is acropetal: buds in the lower crown burst before those in the upper crown, and within a shoot, medial-lateral buds burst first, followed by distal-lateral and then terminal buds (Quiring 1993).
Flower maturation is acropetal (base to tip) and the inflorescence increases in size throughout the flowering period.
Pedersen (1993, 1994) found the acropetal water transport
In early studyPVY was known as potato virus 20 potato virus C potato acropetal necrosis virus potato leaf drop streak virus potato severe mosaic virus potato stipple streak virus potato streak virus potato veinal necrosis virus solanum virus 2 tobacco veinal banding virus and tobacco veinal necrosis virus but nucleotide sequence techniques were used rather than the host response to acronyms and differentiate among the different strains of PVY (Singh et al.
The branching assures their constant number at every internode and hence does not follow the acropetal decrease in their number along the rachis as was the case of central bundles.
The rating takes into account Kinfotech's long track record in software reselling business, its professional management and strengths drawn from its association with Acropetal Technologies Limited (Acropetal, rated LBBB-/ A3 by ICRA).
The contest was held in the city yesterday between participants across 25 companies, like Jet Airways, Godrej Properties, Loop Mobile, Star Union Daiichi, Emirates, Nerolac, Essar, Aviva Life Insurance, Dish TV, Birla Sun Life, Symphony, Acropetal, Madhura Garments, Acer and Schneider among others.