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characterized by the use of acronyms


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Suppose now that the degree of the analyzability of linguistic structure, including acronymic formations, can be represented in the form of the following "analyzability cline": (4) high analyzability
Besides defending the results of market-cap-weighted indexes -- "it is where buyer and seller voluntarily agree on price" -- Dickson also offered an unflattering acronymic definition of smart beta: "Silly Moniker for Active Rules-based Trading."
Lonergan sets this collection to Sting's a cappella version of the Police's "Message in a Bottle." That song's refrain of "sending out an SOS" seems to echo Lonergan's Web collage brb, 2008, made from merely two elements: the lowercase letters of its acronymic title, scrolling right to left, placed over an embedded, looping sound file of what one at first assumes to be the Morse-code distress signal (three short, three long, three short), but upon careful listening discovers to spell out "brb" (one long, three short; one short, one long, one short; and one long, three short).
Last August I took a semi-serious look at the acronymic National and International insurance regulatory agencies, institutions and forces of nature ("Late Summer Delights: Fishing for Acronyms," IA, August 19, 2013), with a somewhat jaundiced view of how these paragons of regulatory expertise may affect
In doing this, the article will portray the strategies these authors have employed to subvert the status quo despite the constraints of patriarchy and thus symbolically lifting the woman from the scourge of what may be called the acronymic D'S--debasement, degradation and dehumanization--to fulfilling existence.
The Wall Street Journal's acronymic supplement WSJ.
Fu focuses on the work of SKY Lee, Larissa Lai, Lydia Kwa, and Evelyn Lau (the capitalized first name of Lee is an acronymic rendition of her given names--Sharon Kwan Ying-- which is how the author is referred to).
Now, after gaining an ever-higher profile as Coulson in subsequent projects, including last year's mega-hit "The Avengers,'' Gregg has broken out as the star of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,'' the new acronymic sci-fi thriller (airing at 8 p.m.
All of that interpretation generally happens in the very beginning of the rule-making process, which is called the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, or, in the acronymic parlance of the federal bureaucracy, NPRM.
Formed in 1998, BRMC - named after the gang in Marlon Brando flick The Wild One - burst on to the secen three years later with their acronymic and anachronistic debut and they've had somewhat mixed fortunes since then, slipping off the radar a little and losing a few members along the way.
Letters of the alphabet are used as they are used in English phonology in Ndebele acronymic derivation and adaptation.
We seem to be turning into an acronymic world, and that can't be good.
During a period when it's nearimpossible to read a newspaper without stumbling across the phrase 'national pride', it's the BBC (along with its fellow three-lettered acronymic wonder, the NHS) that we should revere as 'best of British'.
Penney to get rid of spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres on account of her "lifestyle"the ABC affiliates of the Bible Belt, the state of Utah, et al.) into Good Christian Belles, finally ending up at something that seems like one of those endless acronymic procedurals with various blonde people gravely pouring things into test tubes and that always remind me of my late Polish bubbe's response to finding out my parents intended to call my sister "Ariel": "Vot, you gonna give her only initials?" Then there's the fact that it airs on Sunday nights, when most serious television addicts are occupied with alcoholic ad men/dragons/awkward 20-somethings having sex, awkwardly.
The advances in understanding and the appearance of new features in a given acronymic syndrome render previously coined acronym inappropriate or at least suboptimal for those syndromes.