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characterized by the use of acronyms


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Suppose now that the degree of the analyzability of linguistic structure, including acronymic formations, can be represented in the form of the following "analyzability cline": (4) high analyzability
Letters of the alphabet are used as they are used in English phonology in Ndebele acronymic derivation and adaptation.
We seem to be turning into an acronymic world, and that can't be good.
During a period when it's nearimpossible to read a newspaper without stumbling across the phrase 'national pride', it's the BBC (along with its fellow three-lettered acronymic wonder, the NHS) that we should revere as 'best of British'.
into Good Christian Belles, finally ending up at something that seems like one of those endless acronymic procedurals with various blonde people gravely pouring things into test tubes and that always remind me of my late Polish bubbe's response to finding out my parents intended to call my sister "Ariel": "Vot, you gonna give her only initials?
The advances in understanding and the appearance of new features in a given acronymic syndrome render previously coined acronym inappropriate or at least suboptimal for those syndromes.
1] but a metonymic process by which the salient part of a form (NINJA) stands for the whole form ('no income, no job, and no assets') in an acronymic formation which at the same time stands for the person to whom the loan is granted on the basis on the metonymy salient property ('having no income, no job, and no assets') for category ('people characterized by this property').
For those unfamiliar with the origins and roles of the acronymic global economic organizations that control much of the world's economic policies, a useful primer is offered in "The ABCs of the Global Economy" and other essays.
on who is racially and nationality-wise to be considered appointable in academic positions, and who is not; on whom I may, racially speaking, invite as a visiting lecturer and whom not; on how many additional per cent graduate students I have to recruit this year; on how many publications I must produce, and in what kind of journals; on how many students I must rake in to make my courses viable, in abstraction from all other criteria; and on how I must 'align' my research and teaching with acronymic formulae posing as strategic plans, while maintaining the requisite levels of 'research fun'.
Dr Khai was responsible for developing the ILO tool acronymic WARM; and for pilot-testing the tool in other countries in the region too.
The acronymic universe is littered with formulations whose premises were as sound as the original Goldman Sachs BRIC report but have yet to inspire an international organisation.
If English is to matter, it has to make a difference to the whole person who walks out at the end of the lesson: any LOs, WALTS, WILFS and other acronymic inventions are only a small part of that whole, though more measurable in a culture of Strategy and Inspection which has less interest in the forest because of an obsession with trees.
With a cylindrical casing made of zamac--an acronymic alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper--the XtremKey can supposedly be run over by a 10-ton truck without flinching.
If the list seems long, it's very short compared to Robert Patton's proposed complete Acronymic Dictionary of English (73-37).
Not only is Jacques Derrida David Jackson's acronymic inverse--JD and DJ--no accidents--but Merrill is already blurring the line.