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a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name

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"While some see TMD as competition to BAT, in reality, both acronyms reflect the enormous opportunity in China," said KraneShares.
Social Security's acronyms function as verbal shorthand in your financial planning conversations.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 18 (ANI): Congress on Thursday accused the Modi regime of failure in job creation and said that the best way to describe the "government of acronyms" is by dubbing it as NPL (Non-Performing Liability).
A committee report, published ahead of the panel's next meeting on Monday, said: "The acronym initially utilised by the panel was LGBT, which is arguably the most generic and commonly used.
WHERE WOULD WE BE in astronomy without acronyms? Say you run into someone working on a certain study of galaxy formation.
FOD certainly appears a great candidate to be the next acronym to shake up the world of manufacturing.
(you have to have the exclamation mark...) Which means: It's good to see the acronym makers being a bit tonguein-cheek.
Strangely, the pharmaceutical manufacturing process domain has many acronyms that can make us, at least to me, wonder what are the realities of the landscape.
Most likely, had the acronym GSIS not been attached to the bank's name, the depositors would have not trusted-and would not have deposited their money with-GSIS Family Savings Bank.
DOST's application was declined <a href="">due to the meaning of its acronym (which sounds and spells like a word for "friend" in Turkish) and the fact that a vast part of its founders were of ethnic Turkish origin.
Barely a decade old, the acronym BDS has already accrued enough political clout to be broadly condemned by presidential candidates.
He declared that the territory under his control would be part of a caliphate, or an Islamic state, shortening its name from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL -- the acronym used by the Obama administration and the British Foreign Office to this day.
A woman with the same name as the acronym for the infamous terrorist group, the Islamic State (ISIS), recently expressed her discomfort with recent news coverage.
In the middle of government disaster management efforts last Tuesday, President Aquino got stumped by the government acronym "Oplan Paghalasa" and directed concerned authorities to change it.