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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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There were no differences in outcomes at one-year post-intervention, suggesting no added benefits from performing acromioplasty or rotator cuff repair.
Functional outcome data are mixed concerning surgical procedures with patients with SCI such as anterior acromioplasty (to decompress the subacromial space and relieve impingement) and repairs of ruptured tendons or rotator cuff tears.
5% mepivacaine for arthroscopic acromioplasty (32).
Partial resection of the coracoacromial ligament and acromioplasty was done in nine patients, only in the presence of arthroscopic findings of subacromial impingement: two patients with a radiologically identified Bigliani type II acromion and seven patients with type III acromion.
In addition, an acromioplasty is performed in many cases where impingement signs are seen at surgery.
Berg and Ciullo suggested that it might be a more common cause of failure of both acromioplasty and distal clavicle resection.
The treating orthopedic surgeon has several options, including excision of the unfused segment, arthroscopic acromioplasty, and several osteosynthesis techniques.
These two patients underwent acromioplasty and repair of the rotator cuff tear as the primary treatment of the recurrent instability and will not be considered further in this report.