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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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Anterior acromioplasty for the chronic impingement syndrome in the shoulder: a preliminary report.
In the prospective trial, ASD was associated with a 10% better combined pain and function score than open acromioplasty at 12 years.
There were no differences in outcomes at one-year post-intervention, suggesting no added benefits from performing acromioplasty or rotator cuff repair.
Simon Johnson expertly presented on shoulder surgery, explaining the anatomy involved and the surgery for acromioplasty and/or rotator cuff repair, shoulder stabilisation and shoulder replacement.
(1972) Anterior acromioplasty for the chronic impingement syndrome in the shoulder.
(19) An "extrinsic" cause was first suggested in 1972, when Neer proposed that RC tears were secondary to subacromial impingement and, therefore, best treated with anterior acromioplasty. (20) It was traditionally taught that hypovascularity within the critical zone located 10 to 15 mm proximal to the supraspinatus insertion was a key component of RC tears.
Interscalene versus subacromial continuous infusion of ropivacaine after arthroscopic acromioplasty: a randomized controlled trial.
Acromioplasty: distal clavicle excision with or without rotator cuff repair.
No differences in reported functional outcomes were found in studies comparing open and mini-open repairs, mini-open and arthroscopic repairs, arthroscopic repairs with or without acromioplasty, and single- or double-row fixation.
Functional outcome data are mixed concerning surgical procedures with patients with SCI such as anterior acromioplasty (to decompress the subacromial space and relieve impingement) and repairs of ruptured tendons or rotator cuff tears.
Management of patients with massive rotator cuff defects by acromioplasty and rotator cuff debridement.
Surgical treatment is generally limited to tear debridement with or without acromioplasty or tear repair with or without acromioplasty.
(3) Similarly, use of a hemiarthroplasty in this scenario is at risk for developing anterosuperior subluxation in patients with previous acromioplasty and incompetent coracoacromial arch.