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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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For the A-GT distance measurements, the lateral edge of the acromion process and the nearest margin of the superior part of the greater tuberosity of the humerus were identified on USG imaging, and the distance was measured between these two bony landmarks (Figure 1).
The Parameters Related to Scapula as a whole, Acromion Process and Glenoid Cavity were Measured using Vernier Callipers.
La escapula derecha de un especimen hembra de Mazama gouazoubira en vista lateral (A) y caudomedial (B) que muestra las medidas de acuerdo con von den Driesch (1976) y los accidentes anatomicos: fosa infraespinosa (1) fosa supraespinosa (2), espina de la escapula (3), acromion (4), borde craneal (5), borde caudal (6), borde dorsal (7), tuberculo supraglenoideo (8), fosa subescapular (9) cavidad glenoidea (10) y proceso coracoides (11).
Submitted to the painful arch test, that identifies the conflict between the tendons of the cap and acromion muscles and consists of slow arm abduction, the patient A.
La longitud del brazo fue de 322 mm, tomada desde el vertice del acromion hasta el epicondiio lateral del humero y la longitud de la cabeza supernumeraria del musculo biceps brachii fue de 210 mm (Fotos 1 y 2).
We keep the probe vertical in orientation with respect to the surface of the humeral head and include the acromion and greater tuberosity in the field of view.
Acromion excursion was also used to evaluate trunk compensatory rotation made by subjects with stroke to accomplish the task.
acromion GmbH, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, CytRx Corporation, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
La palpacion revela ausencia de la clavicula o hipoplasia, especialmente hacia el extremo final del acromion.
La posicion ortostatica de la cabeza se determino por la coincidencia del tragus y el acromion frente a una plomada y se acepto una anteposicion de craneo cuyo limite se establecio por la coincidencia entre el borde posterior del pabellon auricular y el acromion.
For estimation of the front reaching distance, the participants stood in front of the block placed at the level of their right acromion.
Additionally, a thick periosteum forms a protective sleeve around the distal clavicle and the acromion and serves as a point of attachment for the coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments.
My orthopaedist says I have subacromial bursitis, which is chronic inflammation and excess fluid buildup in the bursa (a thin, lubricated sac that prevents friction between a bone and surrounding soft tissue) separating the acromion bone at the top of the shoulder from the rotator cuff.
The place to measure the AC was determined by the midpoint of the distance between the acromion of the scapula and the olecranon.