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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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El eje del goniometro se ubico dos dedos por debajo del margen lateral y externo del acromion, la barra fija siguiendo el margen axilar de la escapula y la barra movil siguiendo el eje longitudinal del antebrazo durante ambos movimientos.
Width of The Cuff Bladder Approximately Covers 40% of Circumference of The Arm Measured at a Point Midway Between the Acromion and Olecranon Process.
* Intramuscular vaccines injected into the deltoid muscle should be 3 fingerbreadths distal to the acromion. A more proximal approach could potentially contact the rotator cuff muscles.
For the TB, the electrodes were placed parallel to the muscle fibers about 2 cm laterally from the midline of the arm, and about 50% from the distance between the acromion and the olecranon process.
To correct scapular slouching, ask the patient to lift their acromion until the clavicle is elevated and superior scapular angle is approximately levelled with the T2 vertebra, and the scapula is in mild upwards rotation.
Extrinsic factors that can add to the advancement of RC tendinopathy by diminishing the subacromial space incorporate anatomic variations of the acromion, modifications in scapular or humeral kinematics, postural anomalies, deficiencies in the execution of rotator cuff and scapular muscles or diminished flexibility of pectoralis minor or posterior shoulder.7
The inferior border of the acromion and the highest of greater tubercle of the shoulder was palpated and marked.
Fracture was identified as a Gustilo IIIA open fracture of the acromion [1].
For the A-GT distance measurements, the lateral edge of the acromion process and the nearest margin of the superior part of the greater tuberosity of the humerus were identified on USG imaging, and the distance was measured between these two bony landmarks (Figure 1).
The research was performed in the Day Care Centre "Retirees Club" of Bacau, between December 2015 and June 2016, where I draw up the medical files of the patients that includes the Anamnesis, the Initial and Final Evaluations, and, respectively, the Arthric report, the Muscle report, the specific Functional tests (Neertest--that tests an overuse-type trauma at supraspinal level, fact that may also be observed on the patient's face, the Test of the Painful Arch--that identifies the conflict between the thews of the rotator and acromion muscles and consists of the slow arm abduction.
The AHD on the frozen image can then be defined as the shortest linear distance between the antero-inferior tip of the acromion and the greater tubercle of the humeral head (Fig.
The tests were originally established to detect the pathology of a primary compressive shoulder impingement, as a direct result of compression of the rotator cuff tendons between the humeral head and the overlying anterior third of the acromion, the coracoacromial ligament, and the coracoid, with a positive test indicated by pain [3,4].
Shoulder angles (ShoFlex, ShoAbd) were calculated as the angle between the vector joining the ipsilateral acromion to the lateral epicondyle and the vector from the acromion process towards the hip in the sagittal plane.
We recorded the position of 22 reflective markers positioned on the patient body according to the Davis protocol [14] for 3D gait and posture analysis: spinal process of sacrum, spinal process of C7, acromion (both sides), anterior superior iliac spine, greater trochanter, lateral epicondyle of the femur, fibula head, lateral malleolus, and fifth metatarsal phalangeal joint of the foot.
Manual palpation revealed extreme laxity along with complete separation of the distal clavicle from the acromion process.