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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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[22] Sangiampong et al quoted that difference in the morphology of acromion and the presence of anterior acromial spur and inferior acromioclavicular osteophytes decrease the subacromial space leading to impingement.
In that aforementioned case report, the patient had an acromial fracture associated with supraspinatus tendon rupture.
Caption: Figure 1 Preoperative AP and axillary radiographs of the right shoulder demonstrating mild glenohumeral degenerative changes, acromial enthesopathy, and hypertrophic ossification of the acromioclavicular joint.
Submitted to the Hawkins test, that verifies the conflict between the supraspinous muscle tendon and the coracoid acromial ligament, the patient A.A., according to table no.
Associated injuries are among others acromial fractures, glenohumeral dislocations, clavicle fractures and AC joint dislocations.
The absence of lateral and medial end of both clavicles (red arrow) with a tiny bone fragment was seen in the acromial end of both clavicles (yellow arrow).
These landmarks included the tragus of the left ear, the left acromial process and the left lateral malleolar process and the spinous process of 7th cervical vertebra.
Osteoartritis (OA) en el esqueleto apendicular I: miembro superior e inferior por individuo (CAE: Clavicula-Extremo acromial; EG: Escapula-Cavidad Glenoidea; EA: Escapula- Acromion; HP: Humero-Epifisis proximal; NA: Numero de superficies articulares; HD: Humero-Epifisis distal; RP: Radio-Epifisis proximal; RD: Radio-Epifisis distal; UP: Ulna- Epifisis proximal; UD: Ulna-Epifisis distal; CP: Carpos Articulacion Proximal (Escafoide-Semilunar); CA: Coxal acetabulo; FEP: Femur epifisis proximal; FED: Femur epifisis distal; TP: Tibia epifisis proximal; TD: Tibia epifisis distal; PA: Patella superficie articular; FID: Fibula epifisis distal; TA: Talus superficie articular proximal NP: Zona o hueso no presente; A: Ausencia: L: Presencia Leve; M: Presencia Moderada; S: Presencia Severa).
In 1949, the first clinical application of a flap from the shoulder (charretera" or acromial flap) was performed by Kazanjian and Converse8.
The height of normal subacromial space, from the coraco- acromial arch to the HH, is only 1-1.5cm as seen on radiograph36 and is occupied by the supraspinatus tendon, subacromial bursa, LH of the biceps tendon, and the capsule of the shoulder joint.
The lateral or acromial end is flattened from above downward.
The angle formed by the two processes of the scapula, the dorsally projected scapular process and the ventromedially projected acromial process, is around 115 degrees (Fig.
The PHCA can further anastomose with the deltoid branch of thoracoacromial artery (ramus deltoideus arteriae thoracoacromialis) and the acromial branches of suprascapular artery (rami acromiales arteriae suprascapularis).