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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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Unidentified Bactris gasipaes or Acrocomia aculeata Unidentified Unidentified Chronology of this site taken from Roosevelt (1980) Unidentified Unidentified Unidentified Unidentified Unidentified Older date is relative chronology Unidentified Date estimated by designs of associated ceramics & gold Unidentified Unidentified Unidentified Date associated with funerary cloth Unidentified Unidentified Probably Wettinia Unidentified Table II A summary of palm species represented by remains at each of the known sites in the New World Archaeological site Abrigo do Sol Boca (MT- da GU-l) Beirada Barra Species (Bra) (Bra) (Bra) Acromia aculeata Acrocomia hassleri Aiphanes cf.
b) Biacromion breadth or Shoulder breadth (a-a): The straight distance between the two acromia measured by first segment of anthropometric rod.
Por la localizacion, la acromia que resaltaba a la luz de Wood y la extension de las lesiones se hizo diagnostico de vitiligo generalizado.