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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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(b) Biacromion breadth or Shoulder breadth (a-a): The straight distance between the two acromia measured by first segment of anthropometric rod.
Acromial thickness showed a mean value of 6.52 mm with SD of 1.22 on the left and 7.52 mm with SD of 1.77 on the right indicating an increase on the right acromia.
Type I acromia presented with a flat inferior surface (17.2%), Type II acromia were characterized by a curved inferior surface (42.9%) and Type III acromia portrayed a hooked inferior surface (39.3%) (Bigliani et al., 1986; Rockwood et al., 2004).
(2006), individuals with Type I acromia (22%) had the lowest risk for rotator cuff impingement syndrome.
Morphology of the acromion and subacromial space: Three morphologic states of the acromia were observed, viz.