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marked or affected by enlargement or hypertrophy of the extremities or the face

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Acromegalic arthropathy: a reversible rheumatic disease.
GIANT J Charles was 7ft 8ins due to disorder acromegalic gigantism
Therapeutic use: Lanreotide (12) is a somatostatin analog indicated for the long-term treatment of acromegalic patients who have had an inadequate response to or cannot be treated with surgery and/or radiotherapy.
On 21 dimensions assessed by four questionnaires (including fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain, and general perceived well-being), the treated acromegalic patients consistently scored significantly worse than controls.
Sandostatin LAR is indicated for long-term maintenance therapy in acromegalic patients for whom medical therapy is appropriate and who have been shown to respond to and can tolerate Sandostatin(r) (octreotide acetate) injection.
Acromegalic patients have a nasal airway or nasal trumpet inserted to assist in breathing, because most suffer from sleep apnea.
The approval revises the US Package Insert to allow acromegalic patient to be treated on an extended dosing interval for up to 8 weeks, through the addition of the following sentence in the labelling: "Patients who are controlled on Somatuline([R]) Depot 60 mg or 90 mg may be considered for an extended dosing interval of Somatuline([R]) Depot 120 mg every 6 or 8 weeks.
A 57-year-old male patient was observed to have acromegalic features in the gastroenterology outpatient clinic in which he was seen for epigastric pain and was referred to our endocrinology outpatient clinic.
Evidence of prolonged orocecal transit time and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in acromegalic patients.
Apparently, lower GH concentrations are required for patients carrying a d3GHR allele to produce a given increase in serum IGF-1 concentrations and to develop acromegalic symptoms.
After the encouraging signs of efficacy observed in the first clinical studies in healthy as well as acromegalic volunteers, we look forward to further investigating BIM 23A760 efficacy and safety in patients with neuroendocrine tumors or acromegaly.
TOORAK, Australia, March 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Antisense Therapeutics Limited ("ANP") is pleased to report that 24 acromegalic patients have been successfully enrolled and randomized to one of the two treatment regimens of dosing in the Phase II trial of ATL1103 for the growth disorder, acromegaly.
Because of increased bowel length and colonic transit time, preparing for a colonoscopy can be more difficult in acromegalic patients than in non-acromegalic patients.
Depending on the assays used, 82%-85% of the treated acromegalic men were classified as being in remission with this cutoff value, compared with 48%-52% with assay- and sex-specific cutoff values.
In the Phase IIa study, the exposure to BIM23A760 in acromegalic patients, exhibited a pharmacological activity as evidenced by a 66-74% mean maximum reduction in growth hormone (GH) levels compared to baseline.