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cyanosis of the extremities

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Neonates, lanugo hair, Mongolian spots, sebaceous hyperplasia, cutis marmorata, vernix caseosa, acrocyanosis, neonatal acne, erythema toixcum neonatorum, neonatal alopecia.
Topical propranolol 1% cream was well tolerated, without noticeable side effects (hypotension, bronchospasm, bradycardia, hypoglycemia, acrocyanosis, gastrointestinal and sleep disturbances, or respiratory infections) in any patient.
The condition is associated with ecchymotic predisposition, premature varicose veins, diffuse muscle and joint pain, and orthostatic acrocyanosis.
For example, flushing and acrocyanosis are relatively normal.
2004; Fledelius 1999), acrocyanosis (Hoegl, Poppinger & Rocken 1999), altered gene expression and impaired tumor surveillance mechanisms (Tran et al.
The World Health Organization has recommended the use of GB in Raynaud's disease (a common and painful condition characterized by episodic digital ischaemia produced by emotion and cold), acrocyanosis, and postphlebitic syndrome (11).
Clues to the diagnosis of cold agglutinin disease include acrocyanosis and Raynaud's phenomenon.
On his fourth day of life, the patient presents high blood pressure and on the seventh day acrocyanosis is evidenced, absence of pulsations and arterial tension in the lower limbs is not present.
Comparable peripheral vascular disorders with varying degrees of severity including Raynaud's syndrome and acrocyanosis have also been reported among people drinking arsenic contaminated water by others (14,15,23,24,33,38).
Moreover, autoantibody agglutination can occur in the vasculature of distal extremities causing a numbing pain and bluish color referred to as acrocyanosis.
In a survey of 27,088 school children, 12% were found to have the cutaneous changes of arsenicism; some 30% of these had suggestive systematic symptoms, and 11% had acrocyanosis.
Ethylmalonic encephalopathy is a rare infantile metabolic disorder with a distinctive clinical presentation characterized by hypotonia, developmental delay and regression, orthostatic acrocyanosis, relapsing petechiae, chronic diarrhea, and progressive pyramidal and extrapyramidal signs (31).