acrocentric chromosome

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a chromosome with the centromere near one end so that one chromosomal arm is short and one is long

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Thus, a larger short arm on acrocentric chromosomes warrants further studies in all cases to rule out a translocation especially if it is seen in a patient with intellectual disability or congenital anomalies or both (5).
The karyotype with FN=68 is composed by six pairs of biarmed and 22 acrocentric chromosomes. The karyotype of C.
The eighth factor (number of acrocentric chromosome [less than or equal to] 8) has the highest negative correlation (-0.06) and the ninth factor (number of subtelocentric chromosome [less than or equal to] 8) has the highest positive correlation (0.95) (Table 3).
A pair of autosomes may occur in heteromorphic state and it consists of a submetacentric and an acrocentric chromosome (NFa = 71: Sozen et al.
In cytotype C2, silver staining revealed only one positive signal in the single chromosome of the pair 1 (Figure ld) whereas FISH with the 18S rDNA probe hybridized in two different chromosomes: one coincident with the Ag-NOR signal in the single chromosome No 1 and the other in one acrocentric chromosome (Figure 2a).
Considering that the highest chromosome numbers occur in some less morphologically derived spider species (Mesothelae and Mygalomorphae) and that the acrocentric chromosome morphology and [X.sub.1][X.sub.2] sex determination chromosome system are the most frequent among Araneae, these researchers have suggested that the above-mentioned karyotypic characteristics would be ancestral to Araneae.
One plant contained 39 normal chromosomes plus one acrocentric chromosome (Fig.
In the present study, the distributional pattern of autosomal NOR markers located on acrocentric chromosomes was investigated in the hybrid zone in Denmark using a stain that reveals only transcribed ribosomal genes (Hubbell 1985).
The karyotype with 62 chromosomes contains an additional pair of small acrocentric chromosomes and it was only found in the polymorphic sample from Madaba.
Chromosome 21 most frequently creates translocations with acrocentric chromosomes than to other non-acrocentric autosomal or sex chromosomes.
Hypostomus strigaticeps (Figure 4b) showed multiple NORs due to markings found in the short arms on the subtelocentric chromosome pairs 10, 14 and 18, and in the acrocentric chromosome pair 29.
By contrast, mono-6 was not transmitted among 105 [S.sub.1] plants, although one plant with 39 normal chromosomes plus one acrocentric chromosome was found.
The NOR-bearing chromosomes were recognized as one pair of medium sized submetacentric (No 20), and on all the five small-sized acrocentric chromosome pairs (No 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30).
One extra, small acrocentric chromosome was detected in an aneuploid To plant (Line Number 34; 26 chromosomes) and in a tetraploid [T.sub.2] plant (Line Number 10; 28 chromosomes) (Table 3, Fig.