acrocentric chromosome

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a chromosome with the centromere near one end so that one chromosomal arm is short and one is long

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Considering that the highest chromosome numbers occur in some less morphologically derived spider species (Mesothelae and Mygalomorphae) and that the acrocentric chromosome morphology and [X.
Karyotypes of all studied species were formed by acrocentric chromosomes exclusively.
All observed karyotypes were characterized by a large number of small chromosomes and composed of 8 pairs of metacentric chromosomes, common to the populations of Ilheus, Belmonte and Una, plus a variable number of acrocentric chromosomes ranging between 37 and 38 pairs (Fig.
Silver nitrate stain show up to 8 chromosomes with positive NOR located in the distal region of the long arm of acrocentric chromosomes (Figure 1B).
Chromosomally, the Canidae family is characterized by including species with a large number of acrocentric chromosomes (2n > 64), and others with a small number of metacentric ones (2n < 50) (WAYNE et al.
Robertsonian translocation involves two acrocentric chromosomes, which fuse at the centromeric region and lose their short arms.