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Synonyms for acrobatics

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Synonyms for acrobatics

the gymnastic moves of an acrobat

the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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The school teaches ballet, tap, modern, jazz, musical theatre, acrobatics and contemporary.
This time their acrobats were competing in the East Midlands Acrobatics Championships and National qualifiers, and their tumblers in a Regional Club level tumbling event.
The event was organized by the International Academy of Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Dance "SanSara" and the Regional National-Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis of the Moscow Region, the concert choreographer , winner of international competitions, head coach of the Azerbaijan's gymnastics school "Zabradance" Farid Kazakov.
Its potent mixture of enthusiasm, eagerness, gaffe and exaggeration entertains children and adults by incorporating acrobatics, pantomime and magician jokes.
"String probably just about covers it." Bet it doesn't when they do acrobatics or dive bombs.
California [United States], May 24 ( ANI ): Disney Research has built a human-scale robot called Stickman which is capable of aerial acrobatics, including back flips.
Stuart Thompson, head of acrobatics at the Academy and the GB coach said: "I am so pleased for our gymnasts.
This is an amazing, funky, energetic and truly awe-inspiring show full of acrobatics, contortionists, human trapeze, and a genuinely funny clown, all set to a thumping African dance beat and performed at pace and with a level of enthusiasm that is infectious.
The performance will showcase acrobatics that could, until now, only be created through special effects - yet, performed live in front of an audience, what seems impossible will become a reality.
The circus is packed full of comedy, juggling, balancing, acrobatics and aerial acts
THE Year of the Monkey is welcomed to Belfast yesterday with some serious acrobatics.
Former Nunthorpe School pupils Zoe and Holly Bellamy have launched the Bellamy Dance Company, an expansion of their existing Bellamy School of Ballet and Acrobatics.
THOUSANDS of people enjoyed three fun-packed days of death-defying acrobatics, slapstick comedy and daredevil skills at Durham Streets Summer Festival.
A PILOT organising an air show in Staffordshire this weekend has criticised Shoreham Air Show bosses, saying: "Planes should never do acrobatics over a busy road."
The three pizzaiolos, who between them share more than 50 years of experience in pizza acrobatics, have been invited to Dubai by theatre company, Saltimbanco Italiano, as part of the 20th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival.