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Last season the LBT showcased the work of Bromance, a contemporary circus skills trio who wowed audiences with their audacious and acrobatic stunts.
The acrobatic stunts of the Jamie Squibb Motorcycle Display Team will also be on show.
vertical and we can perform acrobatic stunts," he said.
At iHeart Radio Music festival held few weeks ago, the singer was seen jumping and dancing along with a couple of acrobatic stunts to impress his new love present there and watching him.
Now, the Dali piece sees the light again in Abu Dhabi as 13 "clown actors" take the stage to sing, dance and perform acrobatic stunts.
Starring the late Paul Walker in one of his last roles, "Brick Mansions'' packs gunfights, car chases, acrobatic stunts and humor into one stylized package.
A variety of African entertainment and cultural performances, scheduled to be held every Friday during September, range from cultural dance shows, traditional games, acrobatic stunts or masquerades to an extravagant fashion show showcasing traditional and contemporary African designs from the different regions of Africa.
The first round of applause followed the basketball players from Turkey who scored a basket performing acrobatic stunts.
At the city's Millennium Palace, Market Place and Palace Green families were entertained by big-time buskers such as George Orange from America, chainsaw juggler the Mighty Gareth and the Reid Show with comedy and acrobatic stunts.
Parkour and free running may not be the first sports to enter one's mind when thinking of Egypt; a group of young people scaling buildings and performing acrobatic stunts in the bustling cities of Alexandria and Cairo would raise some eyebrows, to be sure.
Crazy, they certainly are, as they ensure you are stuck to the edge of your seats watching them perform mind-blowing acrobatic stunts and taking the sport of basketball to a different level.
On previous tours the ex-gymnast has pushed the boundaries of live performance with acrobatic stunts and Cirque du Soleil-style moves.
The sport is popular because of the colourful masks and costumes of its fighters, and for the acrobatic stunts they perform during their matches.
Northampton Market Square played host to an array of entertainers from balloon street act company Balloonatic and Channel Five's children's presenter Jason Maverick to acrobatic stunts from De Ramos and world record holder tumbler Jordan Ramos.
Television, acrobatic stunts, modern dance, circus productions, and musicals--with a ballet foundation, an open mind and perseverance, no direction is out of reach.