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Summary: DUBAI -- It seems that the higher the Burj Dubai gets, the longer the waiting list becomes of people wanting to climb it, jump from it or perform some acrobatic stunt on top of it.
A death-defying sequence of acrobatic stunts and handstands performed by two women while strapped to their plane's wings stunned spectators during the opening of this year's Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF) here on Thursday.
Former volleyball star Gretchen Ho tries out a stance made popular by the world renowned British Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers, getting harnessed atop a propelled plane while doing acrobatic stunts at the Omni Aviation Complex in Clark, Pampanga yesterday.
Next it's the turn of young dance school talents; and there are some stand-out acrobatic stunts involving a skipping rope and a balancing act, courtesy of The Timbuktu Tumblers who are here from Kenya.
Pink, who is known for doing acrobatic stunts in her live shows, scaled the side of a hotel while performing.
Shows featured during the month of November will include 'Tall Tales', which bridges the reality between huge theatre screens and its exhibits, and a number of high-energy acrobatic stunts.
This year's opening ceremony will take the audience back to 1960s Singapore, and feature a lively showcase of gravity-defying acrobatic stunts and multicultural performances that represent Chinatown's colourful ethnic mix.
As the trailer moves forward, Zac Efron and Zendaya are seen playing performers in the circus, with the 20-year-old actress doing acrobatic stunts in a pink wig.
In the Basque Country and Navarra, young men do acrobatic stunts around and over the bull, which is not harmed.
Up to that point millions of people had viewed him performing acrobatic stunts in a number of viral online videos.
The thirteen performances presented in the center were very well received, among which were some of the acrobatic stunts, such as the dance of Lion and the fan.
Last season the LBT showcased the work of Bromance, a contemporary circus skills trio who wowed audiences with their audacious and acrobatic stunts.
The acrobatic stunts of the Jamie Squibb Motorcycle Display Team will also be on show.
vertical and we can perform acrobatic stunts," he said.
The plot may be as creaky as an old-timer slinking across rooftops in a black turtleneck and domino mask, but the acrobatic stunts more than compensate, many of them performed by Lautner himself.