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In Switzerland, a daredevil who goes by the nickname 'Jetman' has performed a spectacular mid-air acrobatic feat involving a hot-air balloon and a jet-propelled wing.
The troupe, which is a part of the air- borne force of the Russian Federation, was here at the Kamani Auditorium on Saturday evening, regaling and transporting the audience through an hour- long musical and acrobatic feat, complete in military fatigues and combat boots.
Local TV ratings skyrocket on nights Willis pitches, and never mind his painfully smooth delivery; Willis' most acrobatic feat yet was luring more than 9,000 walk-up fans to moribund Pro Player Stadium for a recent start.
Elsewhere, her performance consists primarily of caricature and energy -- she even turns two cartwheels, an acrobatic feat that Bankhead was known for But when Bankhead turned a cartwheel or told a dirty joke, the self-mocking contrast between the actress' innate grandeur -- her sheer class -- and her earthy antics combined to create something unique Feldshuh, for all her hard work, cannot re-create the aura of effortless wit and hauteur that made Bankhead's low-down behavior so arresting Feldshuh's low-down behavior just comes off as low-down behavior, period; her evocation of Bankhead's theatrical persona is mere surface impersonation.
His shtick consists mostly of acrobatic feats, card tricks and object conjuration-cards, coins and just about anything he can put his hands into.
For decades, the Hong Kong-born action superstar has put his life on the line performing mind-boggling stunts, kung fu fights and acrobatic feats, racking up injuries along the way to virtually every part of his body.
The performers will enthrall the audience with their extraordinary acrobatic feats after which visitors can pose with the stars for selfies in a special meet and greet opportunity.
When combined with concise explanations of common features of nineteenth century theatre (star visits, benefit nights, magic lanterns, marketing ploys, acrobatic feats, etc.
Dancers today are capable of more than ever in the way of turns, leaps and acrobatic feats.
It includes incredible acrobatic feats, daredevil stunts, chuckle out loud antics - and the finale is one you won't be expecting.
Here, travelers will be able to learn some of the physical and entertainment skills they see in the Cirque du Soleil shows from the performers themselves, ranging from acrobatic feats to learning how to apply other-worldly stage makeup.
From Hamish McCann, who performed incredible acrobatic feats while smoking a pipe and wearing a bowler hat, to Mario, Queen of the Circus, who juggled and hula-hooped while belting out Queen classics - their versatility was amazing.
Wilbur thought that achieving human flight was "a question of knowledge and skill in acrobatic feats," and so he took up bird-watching to carefully observe how they soared through the air.
A cast of 12 seasoned actors danced, sang and did some daring acrobatic feats in the air as they enacted the story of Peter Pan.
The sensational Flippenout Trampoline Show will also be featured each day with exciting trampoline professionals performing acrobatic feats.