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an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination

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The company said that the new solutions will help professionals create new high quality content, while at the same time the collaborative features of the Acrobat X solutions, together with the new document exchange services, will help improve productivity across teams.
Adobe's all-new Acrobat X family is the next generation of software solution that provides Knowledge Workers with more efficient and secure collaboration capabilities.
The Acrobat SOAW stenting system has been shown in clinical trials to facilitate direct stenting and has the potential to provide substantial procedural time and cost savings, the company added.
com also works with Acrobat 9, giving its users a "personal workspace in the clouds" available from virtually anywhere so they can share files, convert up to five documents to PDF online and participate in electronic forms.
First, let's deal with the Connect additions because this seems oddly affiliated with the Acrobat line.
There are three ways to import 3D CAD files into Acrobat 3D: drag-and-drop the CAD file into the Acrobat 3D window; right-click the file and use context menu commands; or use the Print Screen button within the CAD program to activate the 3D Capture utility.
The result can then be viewed by anyone with Acrobat Reader, which amounts to anyone with a computer.
Acrobat 3D permitira al usuario aumentar sus herramientas de colaboracion de diseno basado en documentos, dentro de cualquier tipo de organizacion.
The 448-page Acrobat entry in Adobe's Classroom in a Book training series covers Acrobat 6.
The Branson show is said to be the largest Chinese acrobat production in the world outside of China.
Adobe's Acrobat 7 has new features designed to facilitate collaboration and also protect intellectual property.
Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) has announced that AstraZeneca will adopt Adobe Acrobat software to streamline and standardize its global internal and external communications.
This has made Acrobat a mission-critical tool for millions of users, including yours truly.