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without a crisis (as of some diseases)

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Both Polanyi and MacIntyre understand that humans are embedded in linguistic, cultural, and historical realities, and that we must initially take these particularities as givens: they comprise the initial framework by which we comprehend our world, and we must accept them acritically in order to employ them to the end of achieving understanding.
One implication of the necessity of working from acritically accepted beliefs is the commitment implicit in holding such beliefs.
Is the Bologna Process equipping the university to enter the debate on models of development and civilizatory paradigms, or rather to serve as acritically and as efficiently as possible the dominant model decided by the powers that be and evaluated by the new supervisors of the university output at their service?
Asked by EurActiv to comment, Barroso said that at the EU summit that he had made it avery cleara that it was acritically important that the Union remains united on the issue of energy securitya.
ACRITICALLY ill patient who had to wait more than 100 minutes for an ambulance tops an "unacceptable" list of longest delay times revealed today.