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without a crisis (as of some diseases)

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As MacIntyre puts it, "faith in authority has to precede rational understanding." (46) Indeed, this submission is, initially at least, not a matter of choice, for language and culture are acquired acritically, and of course, they serve to frame the particular worldview of their adherents.
ACRITICALLY acclaimed Newcastle-born writer features in a major new Penguin anthology of British short stories published in November.
ACRITICALLY ill patient who had to wait more than 100 minutes for an ambulance tops an "unacceptable" list of longest delay times revealed today.
Asked by EurActiv to comment, Barroso said that at the EU summit that he had made it avery cleara that it was acritically important that the Union remains united on the issue of energy securitya.
Few sociologists, or philosophers, or common citizens would share this view, a view that seems to be accepted acritically by many economists.