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without a crisis (as of some diseases)

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Asked by EurActiv to comment, Barroso said that at the EU summit that he had made it avery cleara that it was acritically important that the Union remains united on the issue of energy securitya.
Few sociologists, or philosophers, or common citizens would share this view, a view that seems to be accepted acritically by many economists.
Is the Bologna Process equipping the university to enter the debate on models of development and civilizatory paradigms, or rather to serve as acritically and as efficiently as possible the dominant model decided by the powers that be and evaluated by the new supervisors of the university output at their service?
Polanyi, too, is in no doubt about the naivety of a program of Cartesian doubt that aims to eliminate preconceived opinions: 'While we can reduce the sum of our conscious acceptances to varying degrees, and even to nil, by reducing ourselves to a state of stupor, any given range of awareness seems to involve a correspondingly extensive set of acritically accepted beliefs.
However, Cohen does not replicate these authors' postulates acritically but, quite the opposite, reveals numerous instances where most of them proved to be too much threaded to the screen, unable to develop their arguments to the extent of rupturing completely a dependency on mimesis.