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without a crisis (as of some diseases)

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Like Bill Joy, I am frightened when scientists and engineers give acritical acceptance of whatever new technology lies in front of them.
And while there is also a great deal of inauthentic, acritical and insensitive building, there are also many works of exceptional stature.
This activity will provide acritical assessment of the technologies on how to reduce the mass and power consumption of future transponders/tranceivers for use on spacecraft/landers and will manufacture and test a generic system on a chip for use in multiple transponder units for different space applications.
Social media is acritical tool in every online brand'sarsenal in this battle, but can fall shortif not utilised properly.
Milani was not referring to hagiography, the acritical and often paid lauding of leaders, but to a craft that seeks both to tell a narrative and meet objective standards of academic scrutiny.
The kindred fields of Black liberation theology and liberation psychology: Acritical essay on their conceptual base and destiny.
I had similar reservations about the biography pages that preface each chapter, as this emphasis on the personal occasionally leads to an acritical, overly celebratory tone.
It is clear that Lercaro sought a "noble" pretext to have Dossetti at his side, once he had realized that Vatican II would not be a mechanical process that would proceed by acritical endorsements of votes of approval that some in the Curia had imagined.
aCritical evaluations cannot be put forward regarding a government that has been in power for a month and a half,a he said.
Endogenous BMP-7 is acritical molecular determinant of the reversibility of obstruction-induced renal injuries.
But while McClintock's acritical acceptance of the Point Victory Record is expedient, it is also problematic.
Acritical document that is newly released provides an unprecedented overview and analysis of the rapidly emerging field of recovery residences; it is aptly titled A Primer on Recovery Residences: FAQs from the National Association of Recovery Residences.
Acritical examination of the Blackmore psi experiments.
These operational managers are often acritical linchpin between strategy and customers - that is, they are frequentlythe groupmost aware of changing customer demands and responsible forexecuting strategic direction.
Over-identification of students of colorin special education: Acritical overview.