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So, the present study is a distinct addition to the Acridid fauna of Haryana.
Insects associated with the examined salticid nest included a few Mormotomyia and a nymphal acridid grasshopper.
Ward and Whipple (1918) state that an acridid is also a developmental host, while mosquito larvae served as experimental paratenic hosts in studies by Poinar and Doelman (1974).
Spiders (Araneae), beetles (Coleoptera) and acridid grasshoppers occurred most frequently in the fecal samples, although the data do not allow me to make any conclusions concerning the relative importance of these prey items as food sources.
Data on combined densities of three acridid subfamilies, total grasshoppers and attributes of vegetation cover met the criteria for parametric analyses.
Plant secondary metabolites deterrent but not toxic to the grass specialist acridid Locusta migratoria: implications for the evolution of graminivory.
This study examines an area of hybridization between the acridid grasshoppers Melanoplus sanguinipes and M.
For this variety of reasons, our main objective in this study was therefore to test whether this species of acridid grasshopper is still capable of changing in hue in response to background color, even after reaching full maturity.
Morphological and molecular identification of Acridid (Acrididae: Orthoptera) from Poonch Division, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
Life history, secondary production, and ecosystem significance of acridid grasshoppers in annually burned and unburned tall grass prairie.
Although most of the recorded prey items possess wings, indicating that Daspletis can capture flying prey, at least two items are wingless (an acridid nymph and a spider) which suggests that they can also capture ground-inhabiting prey.
Acridid grasshoppers were in 32% of crops and made up 13.
Feeding behaviour of the Australian acridid Valanga irregularis.