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An' old Silva wound up by buyin' these five acres from grandfather.
Why, the Silvas, the whole tribe of 'em, works a hundred acres in peas, eighty in tomatoes, thirty in asparagus, ten in pie-plant, forty in cucumbers, an'--oh, stacks of other things.
Why, Silva wouldn't sell these five acres for five hundred an acre cash down.
Why, back in town there, there's single acres that earns more than fifty of ours in the old days.
But all the same, I'd sooner have forty acres at a hundred an acre than four at a thousan' an acre.
In her heart of hearts the forty acres tugged much the harder.
We're going in, not for forty acres, but for a hundred and sixty acres free from the government.
You don't call that dinky gardening farming," he objected, pointing to a piece of land barely the size of an acre, which they were passing.
And land like this all around you runs at from two to three hundred to four an' five hundred dollars an acre.
I thought it was pretty good land that fetched a hundred an acre," Billy said.
An' that is that this is no place for us, with land a thousan' an acre an' only twenty dollars in our pockets.
Yes, there were about eleven acres in the vineyard--wine grapes.
According to documents available with Pakistan Today, M/s United Energy has been allotted 2,400 acres land, M/s UEP Energy (800 acres), M/s Pakistan Wind Energy (46-05 acres), M/s Tapal Wind Energy (66 acres), M/s Titan Energy Pakistan Pvt Limited (69 acres), M/s Akhtar and Sons Group (62-34 acres), M/s China Sunec Energy Pvt (18-33 acres), M/s Fina Energy Limited (424 acres), M/s Hard Ford Energy Pvt (320 acres), M/s Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pvt Limited (50 acres), M/s Dewan Energy Pvt Ltd (1250 acres), M/s NBT Wind Power Pakistan Pvt Limited (908 acres), M/s Tricon Bostan (3852 acres), M/s Fauji Fertilizer Company FFC (1283 acres), and M/s Iran Pak Energy (1250 acres).
They said that Pakistan Railways had leased out 15172 acres land for various purposes across the country and 3330 acres land is under encroachments of different government departments and individual.
Madbouly added that NUCA is currently connecting facilities to land parcels allocated during the previous FY, estimated at 50,000 acres.