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an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming)

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Because of its recent formation, Tip of the Mitt AVA acreage data was not included.
There are distinct differences in the evolution of wine grape acreage and cultivars between the northwest and southwest AVAs.
This reflection is also seen in the evolution of Vitis vinifera and resistant cultivar acreage since 1970.
Buffer zone distance requirements sometimes result in buffer zones that reduce the treatable acreage in a field.
Our objective was to evaluate how much the effects vary, and the extent to which growers are able to mitigate the loss of treatable acreage using various management strategies.
Applications with overlapping buffer zones are subject to additional requirements: within a 36-hour period after the completion of the first application, only a combined maximum of 40 acres can be treated, and buffer zone distances depend on tarps and acreage for all applications.
Bearing acreage of all orchards and vineyards in the United States declined 4 percent from the 1947 total of 3.77 million acres to 3.61 million acres in 1983.
The area devoted to all citrus, noncitrus fruits, and tree nuts in the United States has decreased 24 percent since 1919, the year in which complete acreage estimates became available.
The decline in tree fruit acreage resulted from a combination of economic and weather-related factors, including the abandonment of orchards on poor soils or subject to high risks of spring frosts and winter-kill.
These areas have been restored to productive multiple-use forests, with large acreages worthy of wilderness status.
Despite the most severe beetle outbreak in Texas history, beetle-caused losses in wilderness totalled 1,358 acres or less than 4 percent of total acreage (compared to 59 percent loss in Four Notch in 1983-84).
In this study, using 105 years of local climate data and 60 years of local crop acreage information, we investigated, in the context of underlying economic forces, how growers in Yolo County have responded to past climate change.
1: Yolo County agriculture in 2013, showing acreage share and value share by commodity category.