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Synonyms for acreage

an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming)

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Key trends emerge by analyzing the licensing data and acreage under license cultivation data.
If successful, we believe the existing acreage will support drilling of up to 50 wells over the next 4 to 5 years with the acquisition of additional acreage under the AMI supporting additional wells.
"As operator of this acreage, we are absolutely focused on the successful execution of our strategy as we move from acreage acquisition, to upgrading via the drill bit, to revaluation and ultimately, to monetisation.
Well, lo and behold, earlier this year Acreage announced a deal be acquired by Canada-based Canopy Growth, the biggest cannabis holding in the world.
Acreage will issue approximately 6.4m subordinate voting shares to form Factory shareholders at a deemed price of USD 25 per share.
In the case of peppers, the acreage has shrunk by 500 hectares and the domestic production has fallen from 72,000 tons in 2016 to 54,800 tons in 2017 and 51,900 tons last year.
The acreage is in an area of current drilling for both the Meramec and Woodford in Blaine County.
Energy company Devon Energy Corp (NYSE:DVN) reported on Tuesday the launch of a definitive agreement to divest 9,600 net acres of non-core Delaware Basin acreage in Ward and Reeves County to Carrizo Oil and Gas for USD215m.
M2 PHARMA-February 22, 2018-Invictus acquires 23 new strains through Acreage Pharms for undisclosed amount
The world's second-largest rice grower will aim to slash the acreage planted by over 10 million mu or about 670,000 hectares, it said, around 2.2 percent of its plantings for 2017.
Michigan ranks fourth among all 50 states for total grapevine acreage. However, approximately 80% of this acreage is planted with Vitis labrusca (primarily Concord and Niagara), which are utilized by the grape juice industry.
Buffer zone distance requirements sometimes result in buffer zones that reduce the treatable acreage in a field.
The objective of the research is to understand the factors affecting the acreage basmati rice supply response in Pakistan covering the period from 1975-76 to 2012-13.
The large pear harvest in 2013 was attributable to the sharp rise in the pear acreage and the high yield per hectare.