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Synonyms for acreage

an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming)

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In terms of size, this additional acreage constitutes almost 8000 square kilometres and thus represents access at scale.
In 2012, the pear acreage of 8,169 hectares was bigger than the apple acreage (then 7,948 hectares) for the first time.
The acreage is entirely onshore and because of this, drilling costs are a fraction of those generally encountered offshore.
East Resources has 650,000 net acres of highly contiguous, operated acreage in the Marcellus, and 1.
Whether it's a large naval tract or a single acre or two in town, prime acreage in our area is becoming more and more difficult to locate, especially when land use is a primary consideration.
The two major grape categories -- raisin and table -- also showed overall acreage declines, with the amount of bearing acres and newer, nonbearing acres, dropping, the Grape Acreage Report said.
A lot of the Brazilian processors are getting their own acreage," says Oxford of the Peace Valley association.
But more important than acreage is the increase in the number of avocados grown per tree.
Unfortunately, the deed to the children inaccurately included substantial acreage on the west side of the highway (which was intended to be conveyed to Harry Larson).
If former cane acreage could be converted into the base for a high-value wood-products industry," says Akaka, "we could generate strong new employment opportunities for rural Hawaii.
A small decrease in hop acreage strung for harvest has been reported by Hopunion U.
Acreage in foreign ownership in 1993 increased 1 percent--140,141 acres--from a year earlier.
Increases Permian Basin Acreage Position to 109,000 Net Acres
This latest acquisition including acreage under contract brings the Williston Bakken leasehold to 21,000 net acres.
Acreage Life, published in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is a stylish newcomer to Canadian specialty publications.