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The MPP of irrigation water varies between 49.69 kgs (1.242 maunds) per acre inch for the restricted data set and 47.55 kgs (1.186 maunds) per acre inch under the full data set.
These average prices are quite consistent with those reported in Pakistan (1998) which vary between Rs 100-150 per tractor ploughing (one ploughing is completed in one tractor hour), Rs 202-210 per hour of tubewell water (in one hour one acre inch of water is delivered), and Rs 70-80 per man-day of hired labour.
[w.sub.4] = the price of irrigation water per acre inch;
An acre inch is considered to be one inch of height in a well-established, mixed stand of green forage spread out over 43,560 square feet.
Your four acre inches of grazing would last about 2.29 days.
"We're allocated 36 acre inches, but only use one-third of that," Smithyman says.
Sugarcane is a high delta crop and requires 80 to 90 acre inches of water in Sindh and about 64 acre inches water in the Punjab.