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Synonyms for acquittal

Synonyms for acquittal

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

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27, after which the Trial Chamber will give its decision on the acquittals of Oneissi and Ayyash.
When Mr Memon filed a representation against the DPC, the IHC registrar issued him a show-cause notice asking him to explain the acquittal of the owners and directors of Axact as well as acquittals in land grabbing cases.
But to the public that is already disgusted with the plethora of acquittals and pre-trial exonerations performed by the judiciary, this is already judicial impunity at its worst in the history of the country,' she said.
Agencies are concerned as over 150 acquittals have taken place since the group was banned
The Supreme Court questioned the reason for the high number of acquittals during a hearing on Monday, adding that the situation "is going from bad to worse".
THE Public Prosecutor yesterday appealed against the acquittals of a policewoman accused of torturing a journalist, and two policemen tried for murdering demonstrators in last year's protests.
The Courts were being blamed for such acquittals whereas the prosecution/police, knowing well about fate of the cases, sent challan in Courts just to show that they had performed their duties but blamed the Courts for acquitting the accused, the bench said.
Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, who had maintained the trio killed Miss Kercher together during a drug-fuelled sex game, confirmed he would appeal to Italy's highest criminal court after publication of the reasons for the acquittals, due within 90 days.
The number of acquittals is actually too low in both overall cases, and the so called benchmark cases.
However, the prosecutor in November appealed against the acquittals and rejected the court's explanations, claiming the court had not understood the circumstances of the case and that its decision was built on "assumed premises that clashed with the reality on the ground and the relevant reports.
2007) (summarizing arguments against attaching double jeopardy prohibition to acquittals resulting from trial errors benefiting defendants); Anne Bowen Poulin, Double Jeopardy and Judicial Accountability: When is an Acquittal Not an Acquittal?
Many victims were shocked by the sentences, which in many cases were much lower than the state attorney had requested, and expressed anger at the acquittals.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-11 July 2008-Court of appeal upholds acquittals of Ericsson employees in a tax case(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Col Davis alleges, among other things, that Pentagon general counsel William Haynes said in August 2005 that any acquittals of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo would make the US look bad, calling into question the fairness of the proceedings.
Emile Yvernes reported that acquittals for serious assault (coups et blessures graves) rose from 27% to 78% between 1860 and 1890, acquittals for murder grew from 15% to 34%, and the rate of acquittal for homicide increased from 16% to 24%.