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Synonyms for acquittal

Synonyms for acquittal

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

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The acquittal of Al-Adly's six aides, for instance, contradicts Al-Adly's verdict," Al-Kilany said, adding that the sentence for such charges would be hard labour.
JUDGES will rule on March 28 on the prosecution appeal against the acquittal of 19 Bahraini men accused of murdering a policeman.
What we think we know about acquittals comes essentially from two sources: Kalven and Zeisel's report on the American jury some forty years ago and anecdotes.
In a separate recommendation, the commission recommends the Crown should have the right to appeal against acquittals made on the direction of a judge, for example where the case is halted on a point of law.
In a written statement, Coppola's mother, Maggie Kestly, said she was reluctant to go to court Thursday because of the acquittals the day before.
At the moment wrongful convictions could be quashed but not wrongful acquittals, its report said.
The evidence-planting allegations were not substantiated in court, but they helped introduce the doubts that led to Simpson's acquittal one year ago Wednesday.
If Simpson wins, those who believe that the acquittals were racially motivated will be outraged and indignant all over again, pundits say.
As a result of the rulings, the brothers are seeking manslaughter in their father's killing and acquittal in their mother's.
Abramson said Erik, 25, is entitled to acquittal because he did not have the mental state required for a murder finding in the Aug.
Asked what he was going to do following his acquittals, the rapper quipped: "I'm going to write a letter to (District Attorney) Gil Garcetti.
Agencies are concerned as over 150 acquittals have taken place since the group was banned
However, the Rape Action Plan also stresses the need to educate the wider public, which is reinforced by the significant number of jury acquittals in rape trials.
Supreme Court of Appeals prosecutors studying the case announced their legal opinion on June 17, advising that the convictions of 258 people be upheld, 67 convictions be reversed, 35 acquittals be upheld and one acquittal be reversed.
The Supreme Court questioned the reason for the high number of acquittals during a hearing on Monday, adding that the situation "is going from bad to worse".