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Synonyms for acquittal

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Synonyms for acquittal

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

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In 70% of the acquittals, the apex court cited unreliable witness testimonies as the reason for overturning the death sentences handed over by lower courts.
Student's father challenges acquittals, seeks death penalty for two convicts
On examination, it has been found that there are strong grounds against the acquittals for an appeal.
'But to the public that is already disgusted with the plethora of acquittals and pre-trial exonerations performed by the judiciary, this is already judicial impunity at its worst in the history of the country,' she said.
Agencies are concerned as over 150 acquittals have taken place since the group was banned
The Courts were being blamed for such acquittals whereas the prosecution/police, knowing well about fate of the cases, sent challan in Courts just to show that they had performed their duties but blamed the Courts for acquitting the accused, the bench said.
at 775 (emphasizing courts should disregard contrary SJC decisions suggesting implied acquittals from juries' silence).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-11 July 2008-Court of appeal upholds acquittals of Ericsson employees in a tax case(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The perplexing issue of acquittals in the fin-de-siecle assize court was nothing less than the failure of the state system of justice to displace a popular system of justice.
Acquittals and dismissals play a starring role in the trial distortion story.
A lack of appropriate community policing and community relations efforts accounted for smoldering, antipolice neighborhoods that erupted into rioting immediately following the 1992 Simi Valley acquittals. The author effectively presents cause and effect comparisons that led to the resulting rioting that accounted for 54 deaths, 2,328 injuries, and $900 million in property losses to Los Angeles.
However, the district court judge granted acquittals for two of the dentists and a new trial to the third.
Leaders of Los Angeles' African-American community fear that more acquittals could spawn a new round of violence, especially if the problems that caused the initial unrest are not addressed.
A total of 662 received acquittals. California's 1982 revisions, which shifted the burden of proving insanity to the defense and tightened the standard of proof, did not affect the rate of insanity pleas or acquittals, the criminal and mental characteristics of those using the defense or the length of hospital stays for those deemed insane, the researchers report in the June AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY.
The murder of five people in the streets on a sunny Greensboro morning was shocking enough, but the acquittals that followed were unfathomable.