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Gleeson acquited himself well in New Zealand in the absence of the demoted David Wallace who is still recovering from a severe shoulder operation.
Aitken was acquited in triumph but the episode and the doubt cast over his reputation scuppered his hopes for a safe Parliamentary seat in 1970.
Steven Reid has acquited himself well since he came out here but experience does come into the equation.
McAnallen has acquited himself brilliantly against the country's top midfielders so far in his young senior career, and is looking to pitting his wits against Cavan's new duo.
Nowlan acquited himself quite well and had a brief flirtation with the subsequent Five Nations.
McEniff feels Kennelly has acquited himself and has had a major influence on the squad.
Inside them Daragh Ryan did another great impression of Brian Lohan while Darren Stamp acquited himself when switched to half-back.
The fact is Mattie Murphy's latest creation has acquited themselves superbly in the league and done everything asked of them.
The multi-Allstar lined out in the engine room three weeks ago for an AIB tournament against Waterford and acquited himself well.
McCarthy will also note that Mark Kinsella, Rory Delap, Kevin Kilbane all made home debuts and all acquited themselves well, especially the cheeky Kilbane, who was willing to try anything.