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Synonyms for acquisitive

Synonyms for acquisitive

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Antonyms for acquisitive

eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas

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The good news perhaps, according to Batra, [3] is that there is increasing awareness of the social ills that dominance by the acquisitors creates: 'disgruntled intellectuals and warriors, displaced into the labourer class, reach a point where they are moved to take action and join forces with the masses to bring about change.
His new family name (Bercovitz has been anglicized to Bailey) and his obvious wealth (he wears a tuxedo and lives on a huge Long Island estate) now visually identify him as a member of the successful economic acquisitor class that is sanctioned by American society.
One is political: If the acquired company had a strong presence in its local community or was a national icon, the acquisitor might feel an obligation or make a commitment to retain certain activities or certain brands in perpetuity.
In the six years I covered Microsoft for a daily newspaper, I repeatedly needled Gates by suggesting that he would inevitably become the greatest acquisitor in human history.
As to style, Nicholas does evince skill, as, for example, when she refers to Hitler's principal personal "collector," Hans Posse, as the Fuhrer's "grand acquisitor" (45).
He is remembered as a successful military leader and as an ambitious acquisitor of power.
So D and I toured back through the main street--a glum, dumpy little progress in which even I (the Grand Acquisitor) saw not a single shop I wished to enter.
The sophist duplicates in the mode of nonbeing the real acquisitor, the Stranger.
The final link in his model is that in times of monetary expansion wealth become increasingly concentrated which has two pernicious effects: it increases the number of persons borrowing from banks with little or no collateral, thus putting the banks at greater risk; and it increases the volume of speculative investments made by the "acquisitor" who have cornered more wealth than can be productively invested.
That's good news for an aggressive acquisitor like Regal.
During his tenure, McCorison, sometimes referred to as the "Grand Acquisitor," expanded the Society's holdings by some 115,000 items and greatly enhanced access to the Society's collection by creating a machine-readable catalogue system and encouraged the production of bibliographies that would include AAS holdings.
The largest acquisitor has been private equity companies.
stores will allow Coutu to clean up its balance sheet and to again be seen as a potential acquisitor.
The bridgehead for the deal was secured last year when Tinopolis gained an Alternative Investment Market (Aim) listing after reversing into cash shell Acquisitor.
Target, or any other acquisitor, would gain 99 of the Bay stores, 314 Zellers units and the 47 big-box units.