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Synonyms for acquisitiveness

Synonyms for acquisitiveness

excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves

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strong desire to acquire and possess

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Her acquisitiveness came close to killing her husband and wrecked her marriage, but these developments didn't faze her sense of being entitled to the enormous houses she acquired while she was in the chips.
As capitalism has stuttered recently, so has the culture of acquisitiveness. It's not that the Pleonexicene is coming to an abrupt end any time soon, but many people are rethinking their relationship to the things that populate their lives, the businesses that provide them, and the social and environmental impacts associated with their production, distribution and use.
Disordered acquisitiveness now firmly pathologized as hoarding creates in the afflicted what the writer Jean Paul Sartre called "inauthenticity" and "bad faith." Living for and in lieu of dead inanimate matter, is a way we consciously deny our corrupt fleshy transient natures.
However, neither chastity will stop the earnings nor will acquisitiveness bring any surplus.
Mario Gotze, perhaps the jewel in his crown, sat in the stands at Wembley, a victim of injury and of Bayern's acquisitiveness.
Mario Goetze, perhaps the jewel in his crown, sat sheepishly in the stands at Wembley, a victim of injury and of Bayern's acquisitiveness.
Already in his time, there were signs of decay that, up until in our own time, have remained features of the Roman Curia system: nepotism, favoritism, acquisitiveness, corruption and dubious financial dealings.
Chicago, IL, November 21, 2012 --( Despite the emergence of negative economic factors Trillium Advisory Firm believes the confluence of excess liquidity, acquisitiveness of buyer constituencies and scarcity premiums afforded quality companies will collectively drive continued M&A activity through 2012, albeit at a slower rate and with a more discernible eye towards “quality” assets.
The 'sins' of greed, pride, acquisitiveness, social snobbery and many more are just as pervasive in the media and perhaps influence the more profoundly because they are less obvious.
All fine and dandy as Cheltenham is the cash cow among the Jockey Club's courses, but there is an increasing acquisitiveness about the Jockey Club attitude to the home of jumping, a feeling that it would like to see the course run more as branch office than a proudly independent province as it has been these last three decades.
After successive instalments annually of this epic operatic vision we reached its denouement last Tuesday with 'Gotterdammerung', possibly the most flawed of the four episodes in terms of structure and adherence to Wagner's own aims, but certainly a satisfying conclusion to all the cycle's farrago of family-relationships, acquisitiveness, deception, and far-reaching vacillation between god-like decree and human frailty.
They do no more than exhibit - on a vastly larger scale - exactly the same kind of rampant acquisitiveness that drove the looters to pillage sports-shops.
As such, it bespeaks the attitudes and acquisitiveness of the citizens whom it serves.
Cornish's inextinguishable acquisitiveness, his disparate and apparently anarchic enthusiasms, are reflected in every art collector I know--including, on a very small scale, myself.