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Synonyms for acquisitive

Synonyms for acquisitive

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Antonyms for acquisitive

eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas

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Over the past year serious acquisitive crime offences dropped by more than 1,000, while overall crime fell by 3.
Still, it is more likely that acquisitive, entrepreneurial, and subversive individualisms during the Spanish Civil War reflected the strength of an already existing consumerist culture and were popular expressions of frustration with the breakdown of the systems that brought food, tobacco, coffee, alcohol and other consumer commodities into the marketplace.
The highly acquisitive companies in the sample had the highest median total shareholder return (TSR)- more than a full percentage point per year greater than the median TSR of companies that made few or no acquisitions.
Baldwin has been acquisitive, buying financial services businesses with the hope of building a full-service investment bank.
That hard edge in her voice is pure Joan Crawford: ruthless, acquisitive, two-faced.
Charles Tipping of rival BI firm Information Advantage, criticized Brio's acquisitive strategy.
Prior to Clark, in acquisitive reorganizations in which the distributee-shareholder did not control both the transferor and transferee corporations, it was relatively clear that only the E&P of the transferor corporation was to be used to measure dividend income under Sec.
The Service also will not challenge a shareholder's tax treatment of other property received in an acquisitive reorganization if such treatment is consistent with either the Clark decision or the IRS's prior position, provided that the reorganization was consummated on or before Mar.
26) There are two types of D reorganizations, acquisitive and divisive.
Additionally, Fitch believes MDU will remain acquisitive and exploit domestic and international investment opportunities in its core business segments.
The advice comes as part of the force-wide Don't let thieves steal your Christmas campaign aimed at driving down acquisitive crime, which includes burglaries, personal robberies, shoplifting and thefts from cars.
Significantly, the camaraderie that was apparent during the sixties has disappeared beneath the avalanche of the values of an acquisitive society that dictates "consume, live the selfish individual life, and stay uninvolved.
Since then, 215 people have been arrested for serious acquisitive crimes including burglary, robbery and vehicle crime.
But he said statistics for a different time period showed better news for acquisitive crimes.