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SOCRATES: Then the acquisition of such goods is no more virtue than the non-acquisition and want of them, but whatever is accompanied by justice or honesty is virtue, and whatever is devoid of justice is vice.
But in maintaining armed men there in place of colonies one spends much more, having to consume on the garrison all the income from the state, so that the acquisition turns into a loss, and many more are exasperated, because the whole state is injured; through the shifting of the garrison up and down all become acquainted with hardship, and all become hostile, and they are enemies who, whilst beaten on their own ground, are yet able to do hurt.
I spent no money on any other sort of pleasure, and so, I suppose, it was afforded me the more readily; but I cannot really recall the history of those acquisitions on its financial side.
The Air Force acquisition community is changing the way it does business to deliver capability faster and at a lower cost, said Sue Payton during testimony Sept.
49 million acquisition financing--Hilton Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic--The financing will be used for the acquisition of a newly-built 21-story, 228-key, business hotel located adjacent to Malecon Center, a mixed-use complex for retail shopping, cinema and commercial office space.
There are four steps to applying the acquisition method:
This is an examination of the effects of Net-Centric Warfare (NCW) and its impact on the acquisition of System-of-Systems (SOS), as experienced by the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (AF-DCGS) Block 10.
As the level of merger and acquisition activity picks up--fueled by an increased availability of capital--the impact of these changes on the acquisition landscape is starting to be felt.
Schneider obtained a commitment letter from the banks, under which they agreed to provide acquisition financing; as consideration, Schneider agreed to pay a nonrefundable loan commitment fee and to indemnify the banks for any legal fees associated with the commitment of funds.
A bonus system linked to the result of the acquisition as a way to motivate managers to ensure that the acquisition is successful in the long term
The acquisition metaphor (AM) suggests that knowledge is a commodity to be acquired by individual learners.
If you decide to keep an acquisition at arm's length--let it operate almost independently--cultural differences present minimal interference.
Section 1012 of the 1997 Act amends section 355 to place new restrictions on the acquisition and disposition of the stock of the distributing or controlled corporation.