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These poor girls had never known the advantages of settled homes, decorous example, or honest Protestant education; resident a few months now in one Catholic school, now in another, as their parents wandered from land to land--from France to Germany, from Germany to Belgium --they had picked up some scanty instruction, many bad habits, losing every notion even of the first elements of religion and morals, and acquiring an imbecile indifference to every sentiment that can elevate humanity; they were distinguishable by an habitual look of sullen dejection, the result of crushed self-respect and constant browbeating from their Popish fellow-pupils, who hated them as English, and scorned them as heretics.
He has lost the noble traits of the barbarian, without acquiring the redeeming graces of a civilized being; and, although a member of the Hawiian Temperance Society, is a most inveterate dram-drinker.
For why is gambling a whit worse than any other method of acquiring money?
M'Dougal, who was delighted with an opportunity of entering upon his functions, and acquiring importance in the eyes of his future neighbors.
At least I may, acquiring merit, wipe out past ill.
Not that I am an advocate for the prevailing fashion of acquiring a perfect knowledge of all languages, arts, and sciences.
Piombo saw nothing more than childish nonsense in these fictitious quarrels, but the child was all the while acquiring a habit of ruling her parents.
It is one of those cases where the art of the reasoner should be used rather for the sifting of details than for the acquiring of fresh evidence.
Concepts of good and evil are therefore, in their origin, merely a means to an end, they are expedients for acquiring power.
For the business activities in the foreign country in which the acquiring corporation is organized to be substantial, they must be substantial when compared to the total business activities of the entire EAG.
A financial holding company must provide written notice to the Board on the appropriate form within 30 days after acquiring more than 5 percent of the voting shares, assets or ownership interests of any company under this subpart, including an interest in a private equity fund, at a total cost to the financial holding company that exceeds the lesser of 5 percent of the Tier 1 capital of the financial holding company or $200 million.
The reasoning behind the change is that most of the assets and liabilities of an acquisition, including goodwill, become so integrated with the acquiring company that they are indistinguishable from the company's other assets and liabilities.
Women who reported acquiring a new partner during the last year were at higher risk for genital HPV infection than women who did not, and the risk was highest when the new partner had been acquired in the 5-8 months before a study visit (hazard ratio, 3.
168(i)-6T(c)(2) specifies that the previous owners' treatment of the acquired replacement property has no effect in determining the depreciation treatment of the MACRS property in the acquiring taxpayer's bands.
Often, the acquiring company has a better credit rating and therefore a lower cost of funds and it can actually enhance profitability by paying back the acquired company debt.