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Synonyms for tolerance

Synonyms for tolerance

the capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint

Synonyms for tolerance

the power or capacity of an organism to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions

Related Words

a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior

the act of tolerating something

willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others

a permissible difference

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A new study of linkages among early SR, acquired tolerance, alcohol use, and alcohol-related problems among problem drinkers has found that a low, early subjective response - an ability to "hold one's liquor" - may protect against problems in the short term, but likely becomes a risk factor for longer-term problems as tolerance to alcohol develops.
Corbin and his colleagues examined associations between early subjective response and acquired tolerance and both drinking behaviour and alcohol-related problems, within a sample of 113 heavy drinking young adults (75 men, 38 women) who had volunteered for a clinical trial of naltrexone in combination with brief motivational counselling.
Cardion AG, Erkrath, Germany, announced it has acquired Tolerance Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Acquired tolerances may turn new habits, such as alcohol, into addictions--which are fun to the affluent who can conceal them but are condemned when they cannot be concealed by the poor.
An understanding of how acquired tolerances operate, were we to embrace one, would free Western society from the hysterical, indeed infantile pattern of indulging ourselves and judging others.