acquired taste

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a preference that is only acquired after considerable experience

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For both acquired taste and discovery taste can be seen to originate out of counterfeit taste, if you think about them honestly.
Ok, fine, maybe they're an acquired taste and all that.
Mescal is an acquired taste," agrees Ann Stickler, senior vice president and managing director of Tequila at Brown-Forman.
Derek is an acquired taste, but all my stuff is," admits Ricky, 52.
Sitting down and enjoying a good, tight essay, we can confidently say, is an acquired taste.
25pm An acquired taste, but if you're in the mood, this is a very funny sitcom starring Matt 'Radio Voiceover Man' Berry, as actor Stephen Toast.
Some are an acquired taste such as stuffed animals but the museum also tracKs Huddersfield's history right bacK to prehistoric times.
Hors Satan is an acquired taste from French director Bruno Dumon.
Counter-tenors are an acquired taste - if you have it you'll love this disc.
Jean-Yves [Naouri] is an acquired taste and a polarising figure.
It's, kind of an acquired taste, but people who have tried it at (east one time - and tried enough to get a feeling from it - just love the way they feel," says Rothbauer, who credits his own home brews of the probiotic drink in the early '90s for helping his recovery from paralysis after a fall from a roof.
It's an acquired taste, like all of director Allan Moyle's movies.
Hershey's chocolate is an acquired taste," said one.
It is not certain though if camel milk will be popular in Europe as it's described as an acquired taste.
I think it would be fair to say she is an acquired taste.