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Because acquired deafness is a well-studied subject in the medical and audiological professions, it might be natural to assume that the deafness rehabilitation system would be well-equipped to provide a range of services.
Our trainer was a bit freaked by the noise, but merely concluded he was even more wonderful in this department than he had thought and eventually, exhausted but feeling hugely pleased with himself, lay back on the pillow wondering if his newly acquired deafness would eventually wear off.
2] In the United States, approximately 15 million persons have otosclerosis, and it is considered to be among the most common causes of acquired deafness.
The cochlear implant is a wonderful option for adults with acquired deafness who are unable to achieve significant benefit from hearing aids," said Breazeale-Davis' surgeon, Dr.
As a hearing aid user with acquired deafness who has attended lipreading classes, I found them of great benefit in regaining my confidence.
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