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Synonyms for acquirable

capable of being obtained or used

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capable of being acquired

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The structural feature of organizational social capital makes data acquirable and promotes the exchange of performance data among the components of an entity (Bondrea and Stefanescu-Mihaila, 2014a, b), therefore boosting its utilization for managerial decision making.
In other words, not all valuable resources within their ego-network are easily acquirable by entrepreneurs (Hansen, 1999).
Though there is no directly observed bilateral exposures information xtj, each bank's interbank annual assets and liabilities are acquirable. Consider
Firstly, the whole spectrum of L/S band for MSS is extremely wide, which may cause sensing problems of immense computational costs and long processing delay; secondly, the acquirable spectrum in MSS is time-varying because of high speed motion of the satellite; finally, the channel in MSS is typical fading and shadowing channel due to variable space circumstances.
This approach limits the market for acquirable firms to those that don't have geographically sensitive client bases and staff, in addition to virtually no unexpired lease terms.
Three different types were used, all of which were simply acquirable from the hospital information system.
Aerial rotation can extend coverage to 270[degrees], up to 240 weapons being acquirable in less than 120 seconds.
"This location is not acquirable," asserts Casson, speaking to Hotelier during an exclusive first look at the property.
According to Dweck and her colleagues, some people see ability as an acquirable skill that can be increased through practice and effort.
Recently, planty of researches show that accurate is acquirable for massive MIMO [4] [5] [6].
"We were the marketing and advertising arm of the equation that took them from a precarious position to that of being highly acquirable in about 16 months.
The acquirable wisdom for Central Asia here is that the 'west' neither loves democracy nor human rights.
Assuming that the parameters above are acquirable as output from a moment-curvature analysis for any level of curvature, the moment of resistance at the base of the column can be calculated exactly as
Though psychologists used to believe leaders were 'born', recent research tells a much different story--leadership is an acquirable skill.