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Synonyms for acquirable

capable of being obtained or used

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capable of being acquired

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This location is not acquirable," asserts Casson, speaking to Hotelier during an exclusive first look at the property.
According to Dweck and her colleagues, some people see ability as an acquirable skill that can be increased through practice and effort.
Recently, planty of researches show that accurate is acquirable for massive MIMO [4] [5] [6].
The acquirable wisdom for Central Asia here is that the 'west' neither loves democracy nor human rights.
Though psychologists used to believe leaders were 'born', recent research tells a much different story--leadership is an acquirable skill.
Metta is an easily acquirable spiritual practice through regular meditation.
This reflects a more instrumental definition that emphasises technical competency as an individually acquirable attribute.
Also, the market model, like Bloomberg for Forest, uses the acquirable and cheap data (google and space agency) and then, they can share it in the networks or social medias.
5) What is interesting about Faulkner's use of the title is how it suggests an awareness of fencing terminology and technique acquirable only through experience, the reading of fencing manuals, or contact with fencers.
Prepared feed is easily acquirable and a lot of kitchen vegetable waste is eaten with relish.
But the overall technology that the Chinese have used for disrupting space systems from the ground is both easily acquirable and relatively inexpensive.
The confluence of these factors creates a situation where deterrent weapons are affordable and acquirable within the existing international system.
general maritime law, the damages acquirable under Section 905(b)
Evaluation indexes should reflect the real situation of the public transit network system and require a clear evaluation concept, acquirable data and better manoeuvrability.
Both non-dimmable GL-BR30/40 and TRIAC-dimmable GL-BR20D/30D/40D series, wherein the suffix "D" discriminates between non-dimmable and TRIAC-dimmable, are acquirable to satisfy specific requirements.