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capable of being obtained or used

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capable of being acquired

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The divisibility problem and unwanted resources of potentially acquirable firms may also increase the transaction costs of acquisitions.
Thus, in response to Meno's question about whether virtue is acquirable, Socrates provides a tentative answer by his "method of hypothesis" that virtue is acquirable by recollection and divine dispensation, but these conclusions can be revised at a later point.
The notion is that the ability to pick up those skills that are acquirable, such as language proficiency, computer savvy, or negotiating techniques, is dictated by the ascribed characteristics that remain relatively stable throughout a person's lifetime.
Because one cannot do business without a regime of private property rights alienable and acquirable through bargaining and exchange in markets, business-focused business ethics takes these institutions as given.
He acted as a quartermaster for the terrorists, obtaining whatever was required, particularly items that are more easily acquirable in the west than in Pakistan.
However, not all open source materials used by ASD are acquirable through subscription.
Perhaps more importantly, as an acquirable and transferable body of objectifiable knowledge, "culture" can be reduced to the level of problems for which interventions, to be practiced upon the "cultured" and their problematic differences, can be devised.
This is a vital area for the future, and the knowledge is acquirable, which means you don't have to become an Internet expert overnight to be able to tap the power of the Web," Berry said.
5 million euros, through the issuance of 8,500,000 common shares acquirable by subscription by the Chief Executive Officer and executives of Sorin Group.
As the acquirable tier-one factors disappear, Monda expects to see consolidation in the factoring world of what he calls second- or third-tier factors.
Table 2 identifies the desirable and acquirable attitudes identified by Timmons.
To accommodate our model, a triage-appropriate requirement must be quickly acquirable, highly informative and realistically affordable (beyond the bounds of merely cost vs.
Elliott & Dweck, 1988) has shown that individuals high in learning orientation believe that ability is acquirable, set high goals to increase their competence, and view mistakes as valuable sources of feedback.
It is only when, fortuitously, the amount of consumed resources equals an acquirable amount that the ABB estimate is "accurate.
Bandura (1993) suggests that environments which construe ability as an acquirable skill, de-emphasize competitive social comparisons, and highlight self-comparison of progress and personal accomplishments are well suited for building a sense of efficacy.