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Synonyms for acquiesce

Synonyms for acquiesce

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

Synonyms for acquiesce

to agree or express agreement


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To do anything less is to acquiesce to a system that does not value our contribution to the health services within NSW and sets up an untenable role model for new graduates to follow.
Spinelli acquiesces. "I'm Angelina Falcone; I'm 21, and I'm from Italy But don't ask me on a date--he gets jealous," he says, pointing to me.
Acquiescence: The IRS acquiesces in the Tax Court's decision.
But Niobe acquiesces with a pair of lingering, close-up lip locks.
Any government that acquiesces to the EU Directive, for all intents and purposes, gives up on tax reform.
Shona Lindsay, as much put-on Molly, acquiesces with tender charm, singing like a nightingale.
"The strength and pervasiveness of secular culture forces Christians, Catholic as well as Protestant, to accept the sectarian solution, which acquiesces in the secularization of culture and social life and strives in compensation to maintain a strict standard of religious observance inside the closed doors of the conventicle and the home" (p.
Labour not only acquiesces in this shameful situation, but positively supports it.
Ted Koch plays Happy, who acquiesces to his brother Biff.
His mother finally acquiesces, admitting that "we are the generation that carried the weight of guilt and errors." With history at an end for her, she tries to kindle hope in her son and to justify her life to him; her voice flickers with the effort to muster hard-earned wisdom: "I think we've passed on to you the ability to doubt...always question the truth." Sala's video ends, but it doesn't drive toward conclusions--it awaits them.
for a purpose of this Act is liable to a penalty in respect of the false statement."(3) Moreover, under draft subsection 163.2(4) of the ITA"[e]very person who makes, or participates in, assents to or acquiesces in the making of, a statement to, or by or on behalf of, another per son ...
Not only is this save-the-babies politics the maudlin equivalent of a Keane painting; it also acquiesces in the right's demonization of poor adults by, in effect, conceding their worthlessness to focus on their presumably innocent kids.