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Synonyms for acquiescent

Synonyms for acquiescent

submitting without objection or resistance

disposed to accept or agree

Synonyms for acquiescent

willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest


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Then I acquiescently opened up Deepening Literacy Learning.
What began as a long holiday soon turned into a yearly obsession as I became acquiescently seduced by the hot weather, amazing food, cultural intensity and Faustian increase in my personal wealth as I watched pounds turn into rupees.
Rovira lifted his eyes from the paper and looked at me acquiescently.
Whether she will obey quietly and acquiescently, like a peaceful and contented child at naptime, or stupidly, like a dulled subject of hypnosis; whether she will fall asleep cheerfully, grudgingly, resistingly, resignedly, indignantly (even, perhaps, only partially), is all in the realm of performative option.
But, instead, I nod acquiescently. On such occasions, we are never quite quick enough with the response.
Rituals and routines structure her life: like the game she plays with Mummy, delivering the milk from her pullstring lorry: and also the vicious playground rules which dictate that she can't play at the Big Pipe which is reserved for the Popular Girls, but must acquiescently join the littlies in the kindergarten.
(Aristotle & Ptolemy nod acquiescently) Not only does my model explain a planet's occasional backward motion, but it also explains why the two planets closest to the sun, Mercury and Venus, never seem to stray far from the sun in the sky.