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Synonyms for acquiescent

Synonyms for acquiescent

submitting without objection or resistance

disposed to accept or agree

Synonyms for acquiescent

willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest


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Defensive silence rather than acquiescent silence, is more non-passive mode and involved more aware of alternative options in decision-making, while refrains from offering ideas, information and opinions as to the best strategy is appropriate time.
In so much as I had a "type" then (over and above "adoring acquiescent puppy"), physically Barry ticked the boxes.
Fully acquiescent with the universally-accepted standard for information security, ISO/IEC 27001, the tool assist businesses correctly identify information security risks and put in place effective controls to reduce them.
Having suffered under therule of the Muslim Brotherhood for a year (let us remember that Morsi used the state apparatus to increase his own powers and "private militias" to violently repress protestors), part of the desperate population became almost inadvertently "welcoming" of and acquiescent to the remnants of the old (pre-revolution) regime, leaving fervent hopes for a new, just and less repressive Egypt still unrealised three years later.
Senator Rabbani has a history of being vocal on the limitations of the army and its role in being acquiescent to the Constitution and the government.
Acting as an acquiescent power, Russia indicated it was not joining Assad's war.
Lindzen describes the Iron Triangle and the Iron Rice Bowl, in which ambiguous statements by scientists are translated into alarmist statements by media and advocacy groups, influencing politicians to feed more money to the acquiescent scientists.
His narrative describes "normal pre-history" as hunter-gatherers with producer-trader activities; "abnormal prehistory" as the specific concentration of producer-trader activities leading to the first city networks, the invention of agriculture in urban hinterlands, and eventual desiccation of hinterlands and subsequent city failure and subsistence agriculture; "normal history" as the rise and fall of world empires with dependent commerce reproduced through acquiescent city networks; "abnormal history" (in Europe) as the Post-Roman imperial power vacuum and the rise of an autonomous Europe-wide city network in a commercial revolution; the current interlude as the rise and consolidation of a world-wide city network and system, heralding global economic and environmental upheaval.
The process of choosing the winners starts with review of all the applications by a prominent independent jury panel of international corporate governance banking experts, shortlist the top five acquiescent banks, conduct one-on-one interviews with the finalists, and announce the winner at the Banker Middle East Industry Awards in the first week of June 2013.
However, one suspects the hosts will be rather less acquiescent this weekend as it is the second-placed Ionians who welcome the Midlanders to Brantingham Park rather than their struggling near neighbours.
IF THE national capital has been transformed from a politically acquiescent city to the epicentre of street protests in the country, the credit is due no small measure to one man: Arvind Kejriwal.
WHITE HOUSE JOINS IN: In an unusual departure from its acquiescent and obsequious approach towards Israel, the Obama administration issued a third and fourth consecutive condemnation of the Israel settlement-expanding plan.
If the government of Pakistan was acquiescent of what is happening in Pakistan (the violence), they wouldn't be firing teargas and bullets at the protestors," he added.
2005) and Harzing (2006) suggested that national-level collectivism might be related to middle (and acquiescent) responses styles, a relationship also found by Smith (2004) for acquiescent responses.
Al Marri said the number of acquiescent companies have risen from 3,850 in 2010 to 7,043 in 2011.