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Synonyms for acquiescent

Synonyms for acquiescent

submitting without objection or resistance

disposed to accept or agree

Synonyms for acquiescent

willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest


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When they were on top, in the home leg, they found Barca, almost equally unused to defending, acquiescent and won 4-0.
S'i acquiescent AaAaAeA propos de la nAaAaAeA@cessitAaAaAeA@ d'initier un processus de tran AaAaAeA@nergAaAaAeA@tique, comme en confAaAaAeA?
Nearly deaf since childhood and married to a respectable but acquiescent diplomat, Liliane delighted in Banier's theatrical manner and his artistic aspirations, lavishing upon him artworks by Picasso and Matisse, insurance policies and cash gifts; she even reportedly considered adopting him.
Cavalier or casually acquiescent decisions to spend taxpayer dollars in an ineffective and wasteful manner are not to recur," he added.
Venezuela has become the Zimbabwe of the Americas, a shameless alliance of corrupt politicians and the military acquiescent to the dictates of Cuba.
If the school board is silent on it, they are acquiescent to it.
All solutions in Jaymed are designed to evade claim denials and are acquiescent to HIPAA standards and other major guiding principles.
He challenges existing historiography portraying Shembe either as a nationalist hero providing cultural resistance, or as a religious and acquiescent collaborator.
A constituency that is not taxed may become acquiescent and fail to provide the government with adequate oversight.
While his pushy mother and rather acquiescent father are arguing in a service station, their car is stolen with Jack inside.
acquiescent Osborne warned us - we need an elected mayor to thrive OSBORNE has said on a number of occasions that without an elected mayor Birmingham will be left behind in favour of the Northern Powerhouse, but we ignore his direct comments and then act shocked when we get snubbed.
In these segments breast cancer disease segment was observed to be the largest market as is the most common form of cancer in women and is highly acquiescent for tissue diagnostics.
This has to be a key problem; meanwhile, there are at least pockets of severe poverty here in Britain about which our government has been far too acquiescent.
Hence, although several researchers have investigated the relationships among organizational factors and silence, much remains unknown concerning how organizational structure and policies impact on different forms of silence, such as acquiescent and prosocial silence.
This is driven not only by economic cost-cutting circumstances but also by the desire for a more compliant and acquiescent set of employees.