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Synonyms for acquiescence

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Synonyms for acquiescence

the act or process of accepting

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

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Synonyms for acquiescence

acceptance without protest

Related Words

agreement with a statement or proposal to do something

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If Norman loans the money directly to Constabulary and the debt becomes uncollectible, he should be entitled to rely on the Butler decision and the IRS's acquiescence to claim a business bad debt loss.
The Service's recent acquiescence "in result"(21) with Cristofani indicates an intent to question further this technique.
And though cowering to these three groups for alms and votes is by now a sort of family tradition, Clinton's acquiescence is a bitter disappointment.
Say what you like about American media's apparent day-to-day acquiescence to authority, the right reporter - or herd of reporters - can still be a thorn in your side if you happen to manage Rocky Flats, or write hundreds of checks against an empty account in the House Bank.
The Service announced its acquiescence to the Home decision, stating that life insurance proceeds paid to a shareholder do not constitute a dividend if the corporation is the policy's owner and pays all premiums.
But if the results of even environmentally managed industrial activity are as dreadful as this book defines them, doesn't any acquiescence to the system--even so much as purchasing The End of Nature, made from felled trees treated with bulk acids, distributed by trucks burning fossil fuels--become a moral offense, impermissible regardless of magnitude?
There is an acquiescence in the worst knavery of the mass media, as those top TV shows and those major weekly magazines inflame our most egocentric and paranoid inclinations.
And Nixon's silent acquiescence to Kleindienst's false testimony was cited in one of the articles of impeachment approved by the House Judiciary Committee.
He harvested both the earnest support of millions who idolized him and the sullen acquiescence of critics who feared his ruthless manipulation of secrets.
If the Government is to drop HS2, it should know that it will do so without the quiet acquiescence of the North.
At the Region 10 office, the COA found that the BFAR had contracted the services of a private lawyer, who was paid P629,437.01 'without acquiescence from the Office of the Solicitor General and the Commission on Audit.'
It is important because non-action on the PCG-Marina report can be interpreted as acquiescence, he warned.
In a statement titled, 'Silence in the face of tyranny is acquiescence,' personally signed by him, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in February's election, observed that the revival of previous cases against the Director General of the PDP presidential campaign organization suggests that rather than mere prosecution, Saraki's case has become persecution.
To obtain relief, Cruz-Quintanilla was required to demonstrate that it was more likely than not that, if removed, he would face severe pain and suffering that was intentionally inflicted and that this likely future mistreatment would occur at the hands of government or with the consent or acquiescence of government.
He recalled the princess dipping her head in a 'Lady Diana way' and she gave him her hand in acquiescence. The pair twirled on the dance floor for 15 blissful minutes to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.