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Synonyms for acquiesce

Synonyms for acquiesce

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

Synonyms for acquiesce

to agree or express agreement


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Otherwise, the Philippines will be deemed to have acquiesced to China's seizure of these sandbars which form part of Philippine territory,' Carpio added.
"This was just a very practical request for a delay and it's just so heartless at this particular time of year for them not have acquiesced to that request."
Just try to imagine what would happen if the state acquiesced in such a demand.
In the 1962 Judgment on the 'Case concerning the Temple of Preah Vihear between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Kingdom of Thailand', the International Court of Justice stated that when a protest should be lodged and it is possible to do so, no protest (silence) for many years must be held to have acquiesced. A country which acquiesces loses the ability to repudiate either the claim of another country to the territory subject to the said acquiescence or the validity of the exercise of control pursuant to the said claim.
"My fear is that this necessity [subsidized manufacturing] won't become apparent to most Americans; that we will acquiesce to manufacturing's shrunken role in the American economy, just as we gradually acquiesced to frequent large-scale layoffs in the late twentieth century....
But when he releases single Wake Up next Friday, it will be released independently as Island record label "acquiesced" and let him go.
The Internal Revenue Service this week announced that it had "acquiesced" in a year-old decision by the U.S.
And, of course, the Lib Dems have also acquiesced in savage cuts to local council services, with the North East bearing an unfair share of the cuts compared to other better-off parts of the country.
The US must bear most responsibility for all of this, but so must the weak British who acquiesced to the US and fled their responsibilities under UN mandate, leaving the Arabs to their fate in 1948.
Wenger acquiesced to Walcott's desire to play as a striker and the move paid dividends as the 23-year-old banged in three goals and set up two more to secure a morale-boosting win that lifted the Gunners to fifth in the Barclays Premier League.
Margaret McEntire, who founded Candy Bouquet International of Little Rock in 1989, has finally acquiesced to her husband's pleas: She retired earlier this month.
In the summing-up of the case, referring to Mr Carrie's explanation for changing the submission, he said: "Nothing in the reply can serve to undermine the basic fact that Mr Carrie has acquiesced in the continuing publications since the original date of publication.
WINDSOR'S leading trainer and rider Richard Hannon and Ryan Moore served up what has become an almost expected evening fixture winner when Acquiesced got home by a whisker in the fillies' maiden.
RICHARD HANNON has few peers in the training of juveniles and it will be a major shock if Acquiesced does not get off the mark in the EBF Theatre Royal Windsor "See How They Run"
Hayley Turner's mount collared 11-8 market - leader Acquiesced by a neck.