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Synonyms for acquiesce

Synonyms for acquiesce

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

Synonyms for acquiesce

to agree or express agreement


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Beebe, who was hot, and who always acquiesced where possible, looked around him.
I acquiesced, though doubtfully, for eclipses are queer cattle to deal with--it might be a cloudy night, for instance, or our dates might be wrong--and sent Umbopa to summon the chiefs back.
When the expedition returned, following their fruitless endeavor to succor D'Arnot, Captain Dufranne was anxious to steam away as quickly as possible, and all save Jane had acquiesced.
Katharine acquiesced, and they climbed up, and found themselves alone on top of it.
Yes," acquiesced Vas Kor; "that is the better plan.
Such reasons would have been enough to account for plain dress, quite apart from religious feeling; but in Miss Brooke's case, religion alone would have determined it; and Celia mildly acquiesced in all her sister's sentiments, only infusing them with that common-sense which is able to accept momentous doctrines without any eccentric agitation.
They threatened him with bludgeon and knife until at last he acquiesced in their demands, though sullenly, and then Tarzan stepped close before Cadj.
He did not relish the idea of sharing his prize, but he was shrewd enough to realize that Barunda possessed the power to rob him of it all, so at last he acquiesced, though with poor grace.
She acquiesced silently, recognising that, although he had not alluded to it in words, he had no intention of saying anything further at present.
The executioner also readily acquiesced in the proposal, making only one condition, -- that of being paid in advance.
Our doctors were about to take their leave, when Mr Allworthy, having given over the captain, and acquiesced in the Divine will, began to enquire after his sister, whom he desired them to visit before their departure.
Yes, yes, I suppose so," acquiesced Miss Polly, a little wearily.
My journey had been my own suggestion, and Elizabeth therefore acquiesced, but she was filled with disquiet at the idea of my suffering, away from her, the inroads of misery and grief.
And, of course, the Lib Dems have also acquiesced in savage cuts to local council services, with the North East bearing an unfair share of the cuts compared to other better-off parts of the country.
Margaret McEntire, who founded Candy Bouquet International of Little Rock in 1989, has finally acquiesced to her husband's pleas: She retired earlier this month.