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Synonyms for acquiesce

Synonyms for acquiesce

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

Synonyms for acquiesce

to agree or express agreement


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The precedent in this circuit supports a conclusion that whether a government is likely to acquiesce in torture is a mixed question of law and fact that should be reviewed de novo.
It has never occurred to me to acquiesce. I was engendered with male privilege and although I once believed that I actively sought not to utilize said privilege, I have come to discover that to do so would have been only made possible by fighting to eliminate it.
"Israel will not acquiesce to the continued smuggling of arms," the Israeli daily Haaretz daily quoted the Israeli security cabinet as saying after their meeting behind closed doors late on Wednesday.
While ever a nurse or midwife acquiesces to participating in unpaid overtime or unrecorded time in lieu, the cause of our professions is put in jeopardy.
As the common citizens of Europe sit aghast, their elected representatives acquiesce to the unelected elites at the EU overturning their countries' laws, against the people's wishes.
This professional approach does not, however, mean that you should acquiesce to the coach.
In the midst of a political campaign, federal officials seemed ready to acquiesce in this gutting of one of NCLB's most important provisions.
It seems your magazine is not calling upon us to act so much as acquiesce.
"We're saying we're not going to argue--we're going to acquiesce to their point of view, and we're not supposed to say anything more."
Why should Americans have to acquiesce to foreign cultural standards they find demeaning, offensive, stupid or dangerous without some reciprocal arrangement with guests who visit these shores?
When her mother learned of it, she advised her daughter to acquiesce quietly because they needed his salary to live on.
Any advocate of war will have to erase those photos from my memory before convincing me to support, or acquiesce to, mortal combat.
Buried in the middle of the book, at the end of the third chapter, is the sentence Cruz should have used to end this masterful survey: "We postmodern critics may opt either to distance ourselves from and dismiss the social problems engaged by the picaresque novel through the picaro's buffoonish acts, or to acknowledge and acquiesce to its social purpose" (115).
By then, the picture invited its viewers to ask what sort of cretins would impose such a stupid standard of forbidden imagery and what kind of moral cowardice would acquiesce in such preposterous prohibitions.
Later, Noel soothed the excited crowd with acoustic piece Acquiesce, before whipping them up again with Don't Look Back In Anger.