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Synonyms for acquaint

Synonyms for acquaint

to make known socially

to impart information to

Synonyms for acquaint


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Osborne acquainting him with the information which he had received, and which might tend farther, he hoped, to bring about a reconciliation with George.
But the old gentlewoman, who was resolved to go to the bottom of it before I could have the least opportunity of acquainting her son with what had passed, resolved too that she would talk with her son immediately, and to that purpose sent for him, for he was gone but to a lawyer's house in the town, upon some petty business of his own, and upon her sending he returned immediately.
Now, this was a document which Mr Willet had himself indited on the disappearance of his son Joseph, acquainting the nobility and gentry and the public in general with the circumstances of his having left his home; describing his dress and appearance; and offering a reward of five pounds to any person or persons who would pack him up and return him safely to the Maypole at Chigwell, or lodge him in any of his Majesty's jails until such time as his father should come and claim him.
To strengthen an impression so desirable and useful, he followed up the blow by acquainting him, in some detail, with the magnitude and extent of his operations; blending truth and fiction together, as best served his purpose; and bringing both to bear, with so much art, that Mr.
Brigadier Mohammad Mayouf Al Ketbi, Head of Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department, said: "The initiative has focused on spreading the culture of prevention; implementing safety requirements in homes, vehicles, and public facilities; acquainting individuals with the optimal use of firefighting equipment; and taking precautions to avoid the causes of fires.
PM also is acquainting with the work of compressor unit and dispatcher service.
The weeklong training courses would be focused on acquainting with various ways of tackling natural disasters, especially flashfloods.
During his visit to Muthanna Province University, Kanzawi added "we are working on twinning the Muthanna University with French universities, Paris University possibly, and to exchange professors, employees and students to get acquainted with the French experience in academic education in addition to acquainting with the French technological progress.