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Synonyms for acquaint

Synonyms for acquaint

to make known socially

to impart information to

Synonyms for acquaint


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Mussallam bin Ali al Abd al Mashali, Census Supervisor in the wilayats of Thumrait, Shaleem, Al Halaniyat Islands, Maqshan and Al Mazyounah talked about the importance of census in setting up developmental plans, acquainting with needs of the forthcoming stage of any country and the dependence of many studies on statistical information that would avail a big database for concerned authorities of various specializations including service authorities.
In this reading of Part One, our hero Chichikov arrives in a provincial Russian town and methodically sets about acquainting himself with the local dignitaries and landowners.
"Not only does Barbara possess an uncanny ability to lease apartments," said Solomon Organization managing director Marshall Rosen, "but she goes above and beyond to ensure that our residents get the most out of their tenancies, whether it be helping them qualify for an apartment, helping them upgrade to a larger unit that better fits their needs or simply acquainting them with the neighborhood, And those are the types of things that make a property stand out."
All in all, though, Lomax has created an entertaining means of acquainting upper intermediate piano students with some of America's finest folk music.
Our cover feature is a series of articles acquainting us with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).