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Synonyms for acquaintanceship

a relationship less intimate than friendship


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Acquaintanceship knowledge is knowledge of "people, places, and things.
By placing this acquaintanceship in different perspectives such as politics, economic, security, media, Islamophobia and the Kurdish problem, this issue aspires to provide a coherent analysis.
Prior acquaintanceship brings with it an established sense of trust, affection, and/or emotional safety, which decreases the likelihood that a more familiar sexual partner will be perceived as a health threat for STI/HIV transmission (Comer & Nemeroff, 2000).
someone whose acquaintanceship dates back to the early days of America's involvement in Afghanistan.
Moore meanders in and out of accounts of the lives of his contemporaries --his childhood acquaintanceship in Mayo with Oscar Wilde; his comradeship with Edward Martyn; his reminiscences of W.
Through their personal stories, readers feel an acquaintanceship and connectedness with Stow, Swift and Harris.
Had Emerson known Mannie Stein he would have been doubly pleased, at the acquaintanceship with so rare an individual and that this aphorism could be so splendidly affirmed.
The data sheet compiled information on each subject's risk type (revealed in the RRG); their age, level of education, ownership of assets, and outstanding debts (collected through the survey); and self-reported values of the level of acquaintanceship with the other subjects (which the subjects had reported upon arrival at the experimental site).
The Use of Focus Groups for Idea Generation: The Effects of Group Size, Acquaintanceship, and Moderator on Response Quantity and Quality.
53) The nature of rural spatiality, the high diversity of acquaintanceship it begets, and associated lack of anonymity are other common themes that can have profound consequences for rural livelihoods and the justice systems that serve them.
Anyone who has even a passing acquaintanceship with both the nonprofit world and printing costs isn't surprised to see an almost identical legend on the face of an envelope from a national parks advocacy group .
Wright remains, to this day, a friend who still meets up with his countryman for summertime games of golf and to renew his acquaintanceship with Lennon.
Thereby, respect for the adolescent's dignity is a necessary condition to define adequate levels of social acquaintanceship.
Our acquaintanceship from there transformed into a friendship and we subsequently collaborated for the TV programme 'Lafzon ki Talash.
an 1834 leller to his mother indicating only minimal personal acquaintanceship with Schleiermacher minimizing Sposato's claims of extensive influence,