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Synonyms for acquaintance

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Synonyms for acquaintance

a person whom one knows casually


personal knowledge derived from participation or observation

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Synonyms for acquaintance

personal knowledge or information about someone or something

a relationship less intimate than friendship

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References in classic literature ?
BONJOUR--I am very glad to have made your acquaintance, ladies.
But for goodness' sake don't suppose," her eyes added, "that I would force my acquaintance on you, I simply admire you and like you." "I like you too, and you're very, very sweet.
"How uncomfortable it is," whispered Catherine, "not to have a single acquaintance here!"
I wish I had a large acquaintance here with all my heart, and then I should get you a partner.
Her systems have all the unfortunate tendency of setting propriety at nought; and a better acquaintance with the world is what I look forward to as her greatest possible advantage."
To assert that she knew me by sight as the wife of Eustace, and that she had waited on the sands and dropped her letter for the express purpose of making acquaintance with me, was also to assert every one of these monstrous probabilities to be facts that had actually happened!
Mr Elliot had attempted no apology, and shewn himself as unsolicitous of being longer noticed by the family, as Sir Walter considered him unworthy of it: all acquaintance between them had ceased.
His idea was to practise at the Bar (he chose the Chancery side as less brutal), and get a seat for some pleasant constituency as soon as the various promises made him were carried out; meanwhile he went a great deal to the opera, and made acquaintance with a small number of charming people who admired the things that he admired.
Of the 2,500 UK web-users surveyed, 58 per cent said they had met an internet contact in person and 45 per cent had telephone conversations with friends who were previously just online acquaintances, reports the Telegraph.
The reader learns of the outcome of different characters' lives through the gossip of other characters--much like the way one learns about friends, family, and acquaintances in real life.
Robbie Ross: Oscar Wilde's Devoted Friend by Jonathan Fryer (Car roll and Graf, $25) The list of friends and acquaintances whom Robert Baldwin Ross accumulated over his lifetime reads like a who's who of the literary, social, artistic, and political worlds of Britain from the late Victorian era through World War I.
The author describes the men exchanging gifts, singing carols, playing soccer, renewing acquaintances, and participating in other very "unwarlike" activities--much to the chagrin of their superior officers.
She died--many acquaintances have said of a broken heart--20 years ago last September, and although many singers have taken her roles, none has yet taken her place.
Lizzy meets Keyz in futuristic Crystal City and the two of them go on the run, receiving help from Lizzy's old acquaintances in the District and even from a friend on the police force while Gardner's thugs incessantly search for them.
Officers have issued missing person posters in English, Mr Kajaks' native Latvian and Russian as he is believed to have friends and acquaintances who speak these languages.