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Synonyms for acquaintance

Synonyms for acquaintance

a person whom one knows casually


personal knowledge derived from participation or observation

Synonyms for acquaintance

personal knowledge or information about someone or something

a relationship less intimate than friendship

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How uncomfortable it is," whispered Catherine, "not to have a single acquaintance here
I wish I had a large acquaintance here with all my heart, and then I should get you a partner.
I never got bored on a trip like this, if I can make acquaintances and have somebody to talk to.
Her systems have all the unfortunate tendency of setting propriety at nought; and a better acquaintance with the world is what I look forward to as her greatest possible advantage.
To assert that she knew me by sight as the wife of Eustace, and that she had waited on the sands and dropped her letter for the express purpose of making acquaintance with me, was also to assert every one of these monstrous probabilities to be facts that had actually happened!
Mr Elliot had attempted no apology, and shewn himself as unsolicitous of being longer noticed by the family, as Sir Walter considered him unworthy of it: all acquaintance between them had ceased.
A complaint has been filed against singer Park Yu-chun, member of popular K-pop trio JYJ, by an acquaintance who claims he was bitten by Park's family dog in 2011, according to police and the entertainment circle Wednesday.
Pursuant to your questions, we assume that your acquaintance is an unmarried woman residing in the UAE under the sponsorship of her father.
Islamabad -- The Supreme Court has admitted the application of acquaintance for hearing filed by accused Mujeeb in drug smuggling case.
A MASKED robber armed with a knife who barged into a Cardiff shop demanding cash, vodka and cigarettes has been jailed after his boasts about the crime saw an acquaintance contact police.
In an interview with the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth said: "Iranian films I watched, left a strong impression on me that I intend to continue my acquaintance with the Iranian cinema.
Russellian Acquaintance and Frege's Puzzle, DONOVAN WISHON
School principal Ambrosio Fuerzas said the patients recalled eating kinilaw (raw fish in vinegar), fried chicken, rice, noodles and 'butsi (glutinous rice with sweetened mung bean)' and drinking juice they brought from home for their acquaintance party on Tuesday.
Sexual assault by an intimate partner was associated with a similar level of psychological distress and a greater likelihood of extragenital traumatic injuries, compared with sexual assaults by a stranger or an acquaintance.
The investigation centers on a disputed conversation between the officer and an unidentified acquaintance of Brown, discrepancies that will likely be important for the authorities to reconcile as the criminal prosecution moves forward.