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a physicist who specializes in acoustics

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Lausanne architect Blaise Arlaud, who works for the firm EcoAcoustique, agrees that acousticians should be brought in early in any urban design project.
In such a big hall, lowering the reverberation time to just 4 to 5 seconds, as suggested by the show's acoustician Eddy Bogh Brixen, requires an enormous amount of acoustical treatment.
Its report claims "a small group of wind industry funded acousticians have taken control of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and its noise working groups.
Trevor Cox is also an acoustician, with a similar passion.
The Catgut Acoustical Society was formed by acousticians interested in the acoustics of the violin and other string instruments.
If acousticians or engineers fail to do this validation, one can be assured occupants in a noisy environment will
Stanford University Libraries has provided digital access to large portions of the Musical Acoustics Research Library (MARL) making available important research papers from some of the most eminent acousticians of the 20th century (www.
Along with Audion4, IntriCon will feature its Audion6 amplifier and Lumen 1000 wireless hearing system, which were released at the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in October 2012.
The acousticians suggested the hall be built with as much natural material as possible, which led Strathmore designers to originally specify American yellow birch wood flooring and panelling.
My bursary allowed me to focus on anything to do with 24-hour cities and, as I was based with the acousticians at the University of Salford, who were looking at the positive role of sound in the environment, it made me wonder if any similar work had been done on smell.
Questionnaires developed by professional acousticians were distributed among the audience to assess acoustic qualities in the twelve spaces studied and were designed to help the researchers register the perception of sonic characteristics of the space and sound (volume, clarity, reverberance, envelopment, intimacy, warmth, brilliance, echo, timbre, and background noise).
If acousticians are involved in the healthcare design process at all, it is typically to reduce HVAC noise; they are seldom asked how to improve sleep, speech privacy, or the ability to communicate accurately or hear alarms.
Jaffe, a consultant in acoustics who has designed concert halls and symphonic music pavilions for orchestral ensembles in the US, provides a manual for acousticians, concert administrators and others in the field, that details a method of designing concert halls and other symphonic performance venues.
Product costs are only a third of the total expenditure, the rest of which can be attributed to acousticians, doctors and the administration, he added.