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a physicist who specializes in acoustics

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Its report claims "a small group of wind industry funded acousticians have taken control of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) and its noise working groups.
Trevor Cox is also an acoustician, with a similar passion.
The Catgut Acoustical Society was formed by acousticians interested in the acoustics of the violin and other string instruments.
The A-weighted sound pressure level is widely accepted by acousticians as a proper unit for describing environmental noise (Druga et al.
The acousticians suggested the hall be built with as much natural material as possible, which led Strathmore designers to originally specify American yellow birch wood flooring and panelling.
Questionnaires developed by professional acousticians were distributed among the audience to assess acoustic qualities in the twelve spaces studied and were designed to help the researchers register the perception of sonic characteristics of the space and sound (volume, clarity, reverberance, envelopment, intimacy, warmth, brilliance, echo, timbre, and background noise).
Jaffe, a consultant in acoustics who has designed concert halls and symphonic music pavilions for orchestral ensembles in the US, provides a manual for acousticians, concert administrators and others in the field, that details a method of designing concert halls and other symphonic performance venues.
In the process, OVI joined a team of consultants for the project, including acousticians Kirkegaard Associates, Chicago, and theater consultants Fisher Dachs Associates, New York.
A technical report from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), "Acoustics in Educational Settings," notes that, "Decades of research by audiologists, speech-language pathologists, acousticians, and others have documented the educational value of good acoustics and the detrimental effect of poor acoustics on students' auditory comprehension, learning and behavior and teachers' vocal health.
Acousticians had very little influence on architects from 1946 to 1975; we were treated quite like butlers, chambermaids and the help in the kitchen.
Acousticians can change room characteristics such as the reverberate field level, which is related to the total sound in a room, and the room constant (the amount of absorption related to the surfaces in the room).
The talents of a comprehensive team of consultants--architects, acousticians, structural engineers and electrical and mechanical engineers--have been brought to bear on the problem.
Acousticians, oceanographers, geologists, oceanographic vehicle developers, and other scientists assembled their expertise and resources to conduct a concentrated acoustics and oceanography study in a rectangle of ocean off New Jersey, whose geology, currents, and water characteristics had already been well-studied over the past decade.
Acousticians and geophysicists are still learning what phenomena generate infrasound signatures and how to match signatures with phenomena
Meanwhile, acousticians continue to finesse ways to improve sound in both halls, particularly after two new Steinway grand pianos - a 7-foot model B and a 9-foot model D - were acquired this summer.