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a physicist who specializes in acoustics

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Here, then, is a glossary of terms frequently used by acousticians and sound control experts:
A team of today's most prominent studio designers, architects, and acousticians in the industry recently designed & constructed the state-of-the-art facility for the ultimate sonic & creative experience.
The Minnesota Orchestra's home in Mineappolis also has a good sound - dating from 1974, it's a more successful effort from the acousticians of New York's Avery Fisher Hall.
Acoustician Russell Johnson advised against using it as a model.
Building without HHR Competencies: Applicants will be required to join the competences of a BET Structure, BET Fluids, BET Electricity, Thermal BET (for the 3 operations), Landscaping (for Arveyres And Vendays) and Acoustician (For Pauillac and Arveyres).
The contract is for the designation of a multidisciplinary team (architectural offices, stability engineer, special technical engineer, PEB consultant - also sustainable development consultant - health coordinator, acoustician, landscape architect, mobility expert and expert Of the soil), responsible for the complete study and follow-up of the work for: - On the plots belonging to the SLRB (280L2 and 279K), the construction, within the framework of the Habitat Alliance of: o approximately 277 dwellings Rental housing; O a francophone high school of 500 students (5,300 m 2 gross); O parking spaces; O about 9.
Renegade New York acoustician Russell Johnson, who had discovered that musicians preferred the old halls to the fan-shapes assumed to be better by modern architects, developed designs based on 19th century principles of solidly built, parallel walls.
rakenne-, electrical designers, - acoustician, - BIM Coordinator, - Security Coordinator, - fire consultant.
This time, though, this century-old ensemble was making its debut in a concert hall so fine that it has commissioned acoustician Russell Johnson to design something similar back home in Pennsylvania - and how heartwarming it was to see many of the players practising away like a myriad of insects a good 20 minutes before kick-off, relishing the feel of Symphony Hall.
Consultants on the project include architect Hugh Hardy of H3, acoustician Larry Kierkegaard of Kierkegaard & Associates, and Auerbach Pollock Friedlander Performing Arts/Media Facilities Planning and Design.
North of Watford perhaps, but so much does the orchestra see Symphony Hall as 'an acoustic marvel' that it has commissioned the same acoustician, Russell Johnson, to design its own new home.
Subscriber competitive bidding separately: - architectural, structural and electrical engineers, - acoustician, - BIM Coordinator, - Security Coordinator, - fire consultant.
The University wishes to procure the services of a Acoustician Consultant to join the design team.
Details of design team as detailed below: Architect Stallan Brand Mechanical & Electrical Engineer Davie McCulloch Civil & Structural Engineer Goodson Associates Ltd Landscaping LDA Design Fire Engineer Atelier Ten Acoustician New Acoustics Broomlands PS will be spread over two floors with an approx GIFA of 3,200m2.
No longer does a great sounding system have to cost a fortune, require extensive modification of the car or require that the local installer is a PhD-level acoustician," remarked Andy Wehmeyer, product marketing manager, Harman Consumer Group.