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a physicist who specializes in acoustics

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Since then, increasingly sophisticated technology allows acousticians to record natural soundscapes with far more breadth and depth.
Glynn Holt, an acoustician at Boston University, was reminded of the British physicist Michael Faraday.
The complex design and construction were undertaken by a project team including Cook+Fox Architects LLP, historic preservationists Higgins & Quasebarth, theater consultant Fisher Dachs Associates, theater acoustician Jaffe Holden Acoustics, Inc.
Officials hired an acoustician from 2006 to 2008 to advise Superintendent Sandy Doebert and her team regarding the blueprints.
Changing room acoustics is not usually as simple as throwing down a thick carpet, but an acoustician can determine whether, for instance, acoustical panels added to the ceiling and walls will create enough acoustic modification to measurably change intelligibility in the given space.
He has also been active as the director of several public-private development projects, the major one being the construction of the Lucerne concert hall, a project worth the equivalent of $180 million, with Paris architect Jean Nouvel and New York acoustician Russel Johnson.
Seismic: Point of View of the Acoustician, OEM, Seismic Hardware Manufacturer and Code Official
The point was to show off the hall's acoustical properties, the work of architect Frank Gehry and acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota.
Here, it becomes clearer why Lavine calls REDCAT a "state-of-the-art machine for artmaking"; Gehry and acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota have designed a playroom of AV fantasies.
Gehry has likened his work with acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota to "riffing," while conductor Esa-Pekka Salohen has described the new home for the Los Angeles Philharmonic as "the perfect instrument for studying the future and potential of symphony music.
Rob Harris, the project's lead acoustician, said, ``The natural acoustics of opera require an auditorium to be reverberant or resonant.
The architect, Gehry, and the acoustician, Minoru Nagata, were instructed by the Walt Disney family to assure that the acoustical quality would equal or surpass the best concert halls in the world.
The architect chosen for the concert hall was Rafael Vinoly, the acoustician Russell Johnson (of Artec Associates).
However, we have been consulted as to our needs every step of the way and have been able to influence the design and the choice of an acoustician.
and then to the National Marine Fisheries Service in 1971 where he began as an acoustician in Pascagoula, Miss.