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a physicist who specializes in acoustics

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The studio design was approved by Asif Iqbal who was a core member of the PTV studios and the only acoustician of his time." He has also worked with Sharp Image, Pakistan's biggest animation and VFX post-production house, to incorporate a mini-cinema design at their studio.
The vineyard was pioneered by the acoustically revered Berlin Philharmonie, a truly seminal hall that had opened in 1963 designed by architect Hans Scharoun and acoustician Lothar Cremer.
The acoustician's assertion is confirmed by a 2015 report from the Swiss Federal Council.
Since then, increasingly sophisticated technology allows acousticians to record natural soundscapes with far more breadth and depth.
The Symphony Hall story has links with the development of The Meyerson Symphony Center, an equally revered hall in Dallas as they were both designed by a company of acousticians called Artec.
* MiGuide helps the hearing aid acoustician find the settings most suitable for the individual wearer.
The current USGBC LEED for Schools rating system awards a point for achieving a sound level of 45 dBA and a reverberant time requirement in the classroom, but the method of compliance requires an acoustician to make an evaluation of a number of factors including ambient outdoor noise.
"We call it the Cretaceous acoustic effect, because ocean acidification forced by global warming appears to be leading us back to the similar ocean acoustic conditions as those that existed 110 million years ago, during the Age of Dinosaurs," explained Rhode Island acoustician David G.
online Log on to news, sport Caruso St John, founded by Adam Caruso and Peter St John in 1990, will lead a design team which includes Max Fordham (mechanical and electrical engineers), Price and Myers (structural engineer), Threshold Acoustics (acoustician) and David Bonnett Associates (access consultant) to develop the initial design phase of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall''s refurbishment.
In a day in which live opera has to compete for visceral impact with the enhanced powers of recorded opera, Moshe Safdie together with acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota have given Kansas City one of North America's finest homes for Puccini, Verdi and their fellow peddlars of irrationality set to music.
Finland's new home for music opens with help from Japanese acoustician
"Faraday waves haven't really been seen in nature before," says acoustician John Allen of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who was not part of the research team.
"We know the ocean is getting louder," says Mark McDonald, an ocean acoustician in Bellvue, Colo.
Erica Ryherd, PhD, LEED AP, is a healthcare acoustician, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and an adjunct assistant professor of architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology.