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of or relating to the science of acoustics


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These tracks' enduring popularity and his love of playing songs acoustically, led to the formation of Heart Full of Songs, with many of these, and other compositions including film sound tracks and material from his acclaimed solo album Love And Work.
Playing the songs live, and acoustically, helps us to get our heads around them and we can find out what the fans think of them while giving them a taste of what is to come.
In experiments conducted over the past 30 years, birds, rodents and other nonhuman animals have been trained to identify acoustically altered words.
Other products--for instance, those made of perforated wood--can provide a warm feeling while being acoustically helpful (and a renewable resource).
Strategies to include acoustically absorptive surface finishes, where exposed mass is not a requirement for energy use, should be adopted.
Volume Products managing director Mark Partridge said: "Airea creates an almost instant, acoustically private room for a variety of uses and is ideal for open-plan environments.
National Gypsum has developed its Gold Bond brand SoundBreak Gypsum Board, acoustically enhanced for use in the construction of high-rated STC (Sound Transmission Class) wall assemblies.
The acoustically driven Odin Dragonfly echoes the likes of Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and Tori Amos.
Known for putting his affable little ax through amplifiers and special effects, Shimabukuro now takes his act further, playing entirely acoustically and tackling difficult material with just four nylon strings.
Also, they use a laminated windshield that is acoustically tuned to reduce wind noise.
The curve of its underside is emphasised by a skin of thin pine strips which tempers the huge surface both visually and acoustically.
This acoustically engineered design fits into slotted suspension tees for minimal reveal, creating a clean and contemporary-looking ceiling that provides a vast, white expanse.
A spokesman said: "A scheme has been devised where an external structure, acoustically isolated from the main school building, is to be used for music lessons.
By inhabiting the space acoustically as well as plastically, Hamilton integrates this heterogeneous amalgam of rooms without masking the building's structure, orchestrating the visitor's trajectory into a sequence of interrelated experiences via the movement and motif of sound.
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