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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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Now, their new guitar/violin duo is set to bring a fantastic set of acoustically reinvented classics, utilising all their experience and swagger to sonically set the night on fire.
Many hotels the world over - some in much more noisy locations than the Ouseburn - are sealed, air-conditioned and acoustically isolated from their surroundings." Mr Miller said that the firm had carried out a detailed "acoustic survey", to gauge what noise levels will be at any location around the new building.
Many hotels the world over - some in much much more noisy locations than the Ouseburn are sealed, air conditioned and acoustically isolated from their surroundings."
Acoustically. We're back on the road touring how we started out, with two guitars and two vocals.
Aaware's Acoustically Aware sound capture algorithms, paired with TrulyHandsfree wake word detection technology from Sensory, Inc., allow systems to adapt to differing noise interference, without requiring calibration for different environments or integration of the reference signal.
These tracks' enduring popularity and his love of playing songs acoustically, led to the formation of Heart Full of Songs, with many of these, and other compositions including film sound tracks and material from his acclaimed solo album Love And Work.
It is a motorized moire-free acoustically transparent projection screen made of finely woven acoustically-transparent (AcousticProUHD) material and is designed to be placed in front of speakers allowing sound to pass through the material with minimal attenuation while maintaining exceptional picture quality with 1080P or 4K resolution projectors.
To ensure a healthy environment inside the complex, all rooms, corridors and halls will be acoustically insulated using vinyl flooring and acoustically insulted roofs.
Join music lovers for the Venice Symphony's Saturday evening performances in the beautiful (and acoustically superb) new Performing Arts Center.
The aim of this study was to acoustically evaluate the cries of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) infants and compare these to a group of healthy term (HT) infants, as well as previously published results for SIDS infants.
"I really like playing the smaller venues and I think playing songs acoustically makes them stand out in a very different way and creates a great atmosphere."
"I love performing acoustically. I won't change the song radically.
Raised to recognize 128 spoken words and to point to corresponding symbols, Panzee perceives acoustically distorted words about as well as people do, say psychology graduate student Lisa Heimbauer of Georgia State University in Atlanta and her colleagues.
Stripping things down acoustically or adding some nice 50s-style touches here and there.
As well as the UPS equipment Active Power deployed three continuously rated diesel engines, transformers and switchgear within a fully containerised and acoustically treated environment.