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the increase in aerodynamic drag as an airplane approaches the speed of sound

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Similarly, the use of EAs as a sound deadening acoustical barrier has been limited because of the relatively low density of these materials.
Part of this experience is due to the design - the post-tension concrete provides reduced building volume and is an excellent acoustical barrier.
Gradient Density DbCore is a light-weight, recyclable acoustical barrier with enhanced noise abatement characteristics capable of tuning out specifically targeted noises.
WindStop technology is an innovation that surrounds the microphone with an acoustical barrier to filter the disruptive effects of wind noise, enabling clear conversations in adverse conditions.
Acoustical barriers in classrooms: the impact of noise on performance in the classroom.
Classroom Acoustics II: Acoustical Barriers to Learning features information about the problems experienced by teachers and students as a result of noise and reverberation in the classroom and includes more than 150 additional references on the topic.